Magazines from China

Especially from the Maoist (Socialist) Era

      This is an index page for magazines published in China, mostly during the Mao (socialist) era. Most of the issues of the magazines listed below are in English or Chinese, but we will also post issues in other languages if we can obtain them.

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Magazines Available       

Peking Review/Beijing Review   [1958-   ]

      Peking Review Archive on   The authoritative weekly magazine of news and opinion from the Communist Party of China and the government of the People’s Republic of China. This archive now has all of the issues for the entire 33-year period from the beginning of the journal through 1990. This includes all the issues from the entire period of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. It also includes a great many of the issues from the years after Mao’s death in September 1976, which is the period of transition back to capitalism and its further development into capitalist-imperialism. In addition to the 1,759 complete issues in PDF format there are also more than 660 separate individual articles in either PDF or HTML format.

People’s China   [1950-1957]

      A twice-monthly magazine from the early years of the People’s Republic of China.

China Pictorial   [1950-   ]

      A large-sized monthly magazine filled with photographs.   Index Page on

China Reconstructs/China Today   [1952-   ]

      A well-illustrated monthly magazine with many interesting articles about China. (Renamed China Today in 1990.)   Index Page on

Chinese Literature   [1951-2000]

      Began as an English-language quarterly in October 1951, and by 1961 was a monthly magazine. Also contains many paintings by Chinese artists. Apparently ceased publication in 2000.   Index Page on

Hóngqí   《红旗》 杂志   [Red Flag]   [1958-1988]

      The Chinese language theoretical magazine of the Communist Party of China from 1958-1988. We have posted PDF scans of almost all the issues from 1958 through 1976 at: Index Page for Hóngqí in the Maoist (Socialist) Era   We also have some issues from 1977-1987 in the revisionist/capitalist era of China. Most of these are unoffical translations into English by the U.S. government. At: Index Page for Hóngqí issues in the Revisionist Era

[Beijing Study Journal]
[Chinese language journal. No other information available.]

[Theory Study Journal]

      Chinese language journal. [No further information is yet available.]

Cheng-chih Hsueh-hsi   [Political Study]
[Chinese language journal apparently published in Peking. No other information available.]

Xuexi Yu Pipan   [Study and Criticism]   [1973-1976]

      Chinese language study and discussion journal published in Shanghai from September 1973 to October 1976. It was suppressed by the capitalist-roaders after their coup d’état following Mao’s death. Index Page on

Zhao Xia   [Morning Glow]   [1974-1976]

      A Chinese language magazine of literature and criticism from a revolutionary perspective which was published in Shanghai during the late period of the Cultural Revolution. Index Page on

[Educational Revolution Notice]

      Chinese language journal. [No further information is yet available.]

Ziran Bianzhengfa Zazhi [Dialectics of Nature]

      Chinese language journal on science and philosophy. Index Page on

Zhaiyi   [Several magazine series translating foreign articles and materials into Chinese]

  • Waiguo Zhexue Lishi Jingji (Foreign Philosophy, History and Economy)
  • Waiguo Ziran Kexue Zhexue (Foreign Natural Sciences and Philosophy)
  • Waiguo Wenyi (Foreign Literature and Arts)

      Some issues of these series from the socialist era are available on the Zhaiyi Index Page on

China’s Foreign Trade

      Quarterly magazine promoting foreign trade, and also showing the rapid development of the Chinese economy under socialism. This prepared the basis for the huge expansion of Chinese exports even after socialism was overthrown by the capitalist-roaders led by Deng Xiaoping.

Women of China

Social Sciences in China   [1980-   ]

      A quarterly journal during the capitalist era.

Jiefangjun Bao   [People’s Liberation Army Daily]

      An important Chinese language newspaper in China.

Eastern Horizon   [Hong Kong: 1960-1981]

      A monthly journal published in Hong Kong, but with the political line of the Communist Party of China.   Index Page on

Monsoon   [Hong Kong: 1978-   ?   ]

      A monthly magazine promoting the line of the capitalist-roaders in China. The format is along the lines of China Reconstructs/China Today. So far we only have one issue.

Echoes From Tiananmen   [Hong Kong: 1989-1991]

      A journal issued in support of the protesters who were attacked in 1989 in Tiananmen Square in Beijing by the revisionist Chinese government led by Deng Xiaoping, and also in support of the more general “Chinese Democracy Movement”. There were actually quite a variety of political views at the 1989 protest demonstration (including pro-Maoist views), but the dominant view of this Hong Kong journal, published by the Friends of Chinese Minzhu, seems to have been in support of bourgeois democracy. The magazine published lists of names of people the Chinese government executed, arrested or was still looking for. There were at least 5 issues, but we only have number 3.

Made In China   [2016-  ]

      An English language quarterly journal published outside of China, but focusing on the Chinese labor movement and attacks on civil liberties within China. Index Page on

China Insight   [2017-  ]

      An English language monthly magazine published by the Central Committee of the so-called Communist Party of China, which expresses the views of the current ruling class, the national bourgeoisie of capitalist-imperialist China. Index Page on

Contemporary Foreign Commentary about China During the Maoist Era — Including Magazines

Maoist Revolutionary Publications in the Current Capitalist-Imperialist Era in China

Zhōngguó wúchǎn jiējí dòuzhēng bào   《中国无产阶级斗争报》   [China Proletarian Struggle Newspaper]

      This is a Chinese-language newspaper or journal published from time to time since 2022 on the Internet. It is published by the Maoist Communist Party of China (MCPC), which was the revolutionary organization behind the famous Jasic Struggle in 2018. The MCPC was mostly suppressed by the government after that, but resurfaced in 2022. The liberal journal Open Magazine claimed that the MCPC supported Bo Xilai, but this has been denied by the MCPC. We will try to provide more information later. This newspaper can be seen at telegram at: https:/ contacted at:

Liaoyuan Bao   [Prairie Fire Journal]

      This very interesting Chinese language Maoist journal began publishing in early 2020. After publishing a number of issues it went on a hiatus for a year and a half. Then one final issue was published in August 2022.

Jinbu   《进步》   [Advance Journal]

      This is a Chinese-language Internet magazine which is published by “The New Red Commune”, which also has the following organizing and cooperating units: Spark United, The People’s Struggle Group, International Red Newsletter, and Red Literature Translations. This journal can be contacted at:

Qianshao   《前哨》   [Outpost Journal]

      This is a Chinese-language Internet magazine which is published by “列宁格勒第三印刷厂工人理论组编辑出版”, [“The Worker Theory Group of the Third Leningrad Printing Plant”]. Its website is at: This journal can be contacted at: or

Geming Shehuizhuyi Zhendi   《革命社会主义阵地》   [Revolutionary Socialist Front Journal]

      This is a Chinese-language Internet magazine which is published by “革命社会主义阵地编辑部” [“Revolutionary Socialist Front Editorial Board”]. This journal can be contacted or subscribed to (订阅) at

Revolutionary Union  

      The Revolutionary Union of China is an organization dedicated to organizing propaganda and educational work among the proletariat in order to promote the development of the revolutionary workers' movement so as to achieve a genuine union of Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, and thus to be ready to rebuild the foundations of the Chinese proletarian vanguard.

  • “Programme”, 12 pages.     Searchable PDF format   [76 KB];  

    Dòuzhēng Yuèkān   《斗争月刊》   [Struggle Monthly Journal]

          This is a Chinese-language Internet magazine which is published by the Struggle Commune. Contact info:
    订阅月刊、联系我们: 邮箱

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