《红旗》 杂志

Hóngqí [Red Flag] Magazine

The Theoretical Journal of the Communist Party of China (1958-1988)
This Web Page has Issues Only from the Revisionist/Capitalist Era (1977-1988)

《红旗》 半月刊,1958年6月1日于北京创刊. 是毛主席年代中国共产党中央委员会主办的政治理论刊物。1958年5月25日,根据毛泽东的提议,中国共产党第八届中央委员会第五次全体会议决定“由中央主办一个革命的、批判的、理论和实际相结合的杂志,定名为《红旗》”。同年6月1日创刊。半月刊。 1965年1月改为月刊。 1976年10月反革命政变后反动派抓住了杂志的控制权。1988年6月停刊,易名为《求是》。

      Hóngqí [Red Flag] was the Chinese language theoretical journal of the Communist Party of China from 1958 to 1988. This page has issues published after the capitalist-roaders seized control of China in their coup d’état following the death of Mao Zedong in 1976. Issues from the Maoist (socialist) era are available at:

      The capitalist-roaders replaced the by-then already totally revisionist Hóngqí journal with a new twice-monthly journal, Qiúshì [“Seeking Truth” (Ha!)], in July 1988.

      So far we do not have any scans of the original Chinese edition of Hóngqí during the revisionist/capitalist era. However, the Joint Publications Research Service of the U.S. government translated many of the issues of Hóngqí into English, and some of these issues, from 1982-1983, are now available here. (Of course it must be recognized that JPRS translations are unofficial and are often notoriously sloppy.)

      If you have any additional issues of Red Flag in digital form, either in Chinese or in translation, please contact us at:

Issues from the Maoist (Socialist) Era (1958-1976) are on a Separate Web Page at:





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