The Maoist (Socialist) Era in China

Publications and Documents which are Now Difficult to Find

      In this section of we are collecting together many of the publications and documents from the Mao era in China which have in recent decades been banned and suppressed there, and which are increasingly difficult to find elsewhere in the world as well. We are paying special attention to posting documents from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution period (originally dated from 1966-1969, but now often considered to have extended through 1976). And we hope to greatly expand all the sections of this archive in the future!

      The documents here are in English unless otherwise stated. It should be noted that some of the documents here, or in its separate sub-sections, were written by (or refer positively to) Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping, Lin Biao, or other individuals who themselves became targets of the revolution at later points. We are including such materials here—despite their errors (or crimes!)—as part of our documentary record of the Chinese revolution and its internal class struggles.

      In addition to the documents from China itself in the Maoist period we have sections below with comments about that era, both contemporary comments and retrospective commentaries written much later.

      The sub-sections below which have a very large number of items available now have their own separate index pages. Just click on the high-lighted section title to go there.

      Some of the documents here have the file extension “.djvu” and require the WinDjView program to read them. This reader can be obtained for free at:   Some other programs, such as the free program SumatraPDF, are also capable of reading .djvu files under Windows. (Linux users have the capability to read .djvu files integrated into their PDF readers of the major desktops: Okular in KDE, Evince in GNOME.)

      For information about present-day capitalist-imperialist China, and current mass struggles there including a developing new Maoist revolutionary movement, see our section in on China today.

      If you know of other materials which should be posted here, or if you have other comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

Index to the Writings of Specific Individuals Important to the History of the Chinese Revolution

The Chinese Revolution (Up to Liberation in 1949)

Communist Party of China (CCP)

Government of the People’s Republic of China

General Information about Chinese Society

China’s Socialist Economy

The Countryside and Collectivization

Women’s Liberation and Marriage and Family

Nationalities and Minorities

Medicine and Health


Foreign Affairs During the Mao Era

The Great Debate between Revolutionary China and Soviet Revisionism and Social-Imperialism

People’s War and Military Issues

Mass Movements and the Class Struggle in China in the Mao Era

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (GPCR)

Theoretical and Technical Books and Pamphlets from China in the Maoist Era

Art, Literature, Music and Culture in China in the Maoist Era

Works for Children and Young Adults from China in the Maoist Era   [Many of which feature fine artwork]

Magazines from China, Mostly from the Maoist Era

Contemporary Foreign Commentary about China During the Maoist Era

Retrospective Commentary about the Maoist Period

Capitalist-Imperialist China Today Page