Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A.

Documents and Publications Difficult to Find

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Party Programmes and Basic Documents

Internal Struggles and Splits

Works by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Central Committee of the RCP

        [Note: Although many of these works have been available elsewhere on the Web for some time, they are often difficult to locate. Therefore we have also copied them over to this site. In addition we have reduced the file sizes (without changing the content), and in a few cases scanned and added missing pages. We have also run many of these files through an OCR program to make searchable versions (though they are then again somewhat larger in size).]

Works by Other Prominent Members of the RCP

Other RCP Pamphlets:

Other Documents and Materials:

Theoretical journals published by the RCP, USA: The Communist [1976-1979], Revolution [theoretical journal, 1975-1994], and Demarcations [2009-  ].   Separate Web Page

Revolutionary Worker weekly newspaper (1979-2005) and its successor, Revolution:   Separate Web page.

Early regional newspapers published by the RCP (1975-1979), usually called The Worker.   Separate Web Page.

Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (RCYB):

Criticisms of the RCP and its Leadership from Various Revolutionary Sources:

Commentary on the RCP from Academic, Government and Non-Revolutionary Sources:

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