Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A.

The Worker (Regional Newspapers)

      During the first few years of the existence of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (which was founded in October 1975) there was a national political newspaper called Revolution and a large number of regional newspapers focusing on mass struggles, called The WORKER. As of July 1976, there were 20 local editions in English, at least 10 of which also had Spanish sections. The WORKER For the Bay Area also had a Chinese edition, and The WORKER for Detroit & Southeast Michigan also had an Arabic edition. In addition, there were occasional “National Editions” of The Worker distributed in all the local areas.

      So far we only have issues from the San Francisco Bay Area and the Milwaukee Area. If you know of other now very difficult to find issues of these newspapers, especially ones available in digital form, please contact us at:

The Worker — National Edition:

The Worker — For the San Francisco Bay Area and Salinas Valley (October 1975-April 1979):

The Worker — For the Milwaukee Area and Wisconsin (October 1975-December 1977):

Other regional editions of The Worker:


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