Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A.

Theoretical Journals

      Since its founding in October 1975, the RCP has had three different theoretical journals: The Communist [1976-1978], Revolution [1975-1994], and Demarcations [2009-  ]. We have now posted all the issues of these first two journals, and all the complete issues which have been made available by the RCP of Demarcations.

      If you know of other issues or relevant documents which should be made available here, contact us at:

The Communist (1976-1978)

        [“Theoretical Journal of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA”. Only 5 issues appeared. These were first made available online by other websites.]

Revolution [Theoretical Journal] (1975-1994)

        [Founded as the monthly “Organ of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA”, in October 1975, and as the continuation of the monthly newspaper of its main predecessor organization, the Revolutionary Union. During the first three years this was the national newspaper of the RCP, and included theoretical articles and polemics as well as commenting on the views and activities of the Party and the events of the day. Starting with volume 4 in January 1979, it switched to magazine format, and became a more focused theoretical journal. Note that this is not the same publication as the current weekly newspaper by the same name which the RCP has published since 2005.]

Demarcations [Theoretical Journal] (2009-   )

        The current, quite sporadic, RCP theoretical journal. There have only been 5 issues so far. The home page for this journal is at: Some of the separate articles from these issues are available there in English, Spanish and in a few cases in other languages. Here we are mostly only posting the complete issues which are available in a single PDF file.

Note: The Revolutionary Worker Newspaper (1979-2005), and its weekly newspaper successor, Revolution, also have occasional theoretical articles, usually by Avakian, often ones which are also available in the above journals.


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