The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China

Publications and Documents which are Now Difficult to Find

      This is an archive of all the pamphlets and other documents we can locate from the GPCR, primarily in English, but also to some extent in other languages eventually. This great revolution fortified, secured, and to some extent re-established genuine proletarian rule in China while Mao was still alive, overthrew the “capitalist roaders” within the Chinese Communist Party and within Chinese society more generally who (consciously or not) were attempting to destroy socialism and move China back to capitalism, and which made serious efforts to gradually but continually transform socialist society in the direction of communism.

      The GPCR itself was originally dated from 1966-1969, and Mao envisioned the need for a whole series of periodic additional cultural revolutions of that sort occurring throughout the entire period of socialism. However, this initial GPCR was not fully consolidated, and new struggles continued to break out. Most notably, there was the campaign to Criticize Lin Biao [Lin Piao] and Confucius, and then the need for another campaign against Deng Xiaoping and his allied capitalist-roaders. These came to be viewed as extensions of the GPCR, and consequently most people today view the GPCR as having extended up until Mao’s death in September 1976. That is the way we will view things here, though we will put the campaigns against Lin and Deng in separate sections near the bottom.

      As with other sections of about Maoist China, some of the documents here are written by, or promote, individuals who later became targets of the revolution themselves, including Lin Biao and Deng Xiaoping. We are including them as part of our complete archive of the history of the GPCR and the entire Chinese Revolution.

      These documents from the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution are now suppressed in China (at least as far as mass access is concerned) and many of them are becoming very difficult to locate anywhere else in the world as well, except for those few with access to major research libraries. This is why we are posting them here on

      For information about other aspects of China in the Maoist era, or about present-day capitalist-imperialist China, please see the links at the bottom of this web page. Note also that there are some documents touching on aspects of the GPCR on these other pages.

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Basic Documents of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution

Writings by the So-Called “Gang of Four”:

Other GPCR Pamphlets and Documents:

Campaign to Criticize Lin Piao and Confucius:

Last Campaign against Deng Xiaoping:

The Coup d’Etat After Mao’s Death and the End of the Cultural Revolution:

Collections of Documents from the GPCR:

Magazines from China with Issues from the GPCR Period:

Contemporary Foreign Commentary about China During the GPCR Period:

Retrospective MLM Commentary about the GPCR:

Bourgeois Works on the GPCR:

Scholarly Commentary on the GPCR (From various, sometimes academic Marxist, political perspectives):

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