Revolutionary Communist Party, U.S.A.

Documents and Publications Difficult to Find

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Books by Bob Avakian and other leaders of the RCP

        [Note: Although many of these works have been available elsewhere on the Web for some time, they are difficult to locate. Therefore we have also copied them over to this site.]

The Communist (1976-1978)

        [“Theoretical Journal of the Central Committee of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA”. Only 5 issues appeared. These were first made available online by other websites.]

Revolution [Theoretical Journal] (1975-1994)

Revolutionary Worker Newspaper (1979-2005):       [At first each issue had an English and a Spanish section; later on there were separate editions in English and Spanish, and briefly in Chinese, French and Arabic. The issues here are PDF image scans, and some of the pages—especially from issues scanned from bound volumes—have distorted images. Our apologies. Also many of these files are very large and require a fast Internet connection to download in a reasonable time.]

The Worker — For the Milwaukee Area and Wisconsin Newspaper (1975-1977):

Other Documents and Materials:

Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade (RCYB):

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