Volume 7, No. 7, August-September-October, 2006




We the Maoist parties of South Asia are advancing the revolution under the conditions of a big imperialist and reactionary offensive in this region. Brutal and fascist repression against the revolutionary and nationality forces has become the norm by not only state but also extra judicial forces in the respective countries like the Retaliatory Teams in Nepal, Salwa Judum, Cobra and Sendra in India amongst others, JMB (Jagroto Muslim Bangla) leading Bangla Bhai in Bangladesh, etc. Yet with the intensifying crisis the ruling classes of the respective countries are locked in internecine strife while the masses are rising up in mass discontent.

International events and those in South Asia are developing rapidly. Both are in a deep flux. Development never takes place in a straight line; there are numerous twists and turns. Over the past year this is to be clearly seen. Of course, this is taking place within the general framework of the present period marked by the massive attacks of finance capital worldwide — economic, political, military and even social, cultural,—going under the signboard of ‘globalisation’. Particularly since 2001 and the 9/11 attacks, it is manifested by: a growing economic crisis and political instability worldwide; increasing war-like policies of the number one imperialist, US imperialism, and greater unilateralism; greater and more ruthless attacks (economic and also military) by the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists, on the backward countries of the world; increased impoverisation of the working class in the developed countries and mass scale destitution in the backward countries; and greater fascisation of the state in all countries of the world in the name of fighting the ‘war on terror’.

US imperialism continues to be the number one enemy of all humankind and the only superpower existing today. It is the most aggressive and hegemonistic power in the world. It resorts to the worst forms of terrorism to maintain and extend its hegemony throughout the world. It is continuing to maintain over 100 military bases all over the world. But it is also facing severe problems.

The economy of the world is showing increasing fragility due to its increasingly speculative character. Though there has been a partial recovery since the severe downturn in the world economy in 2001, this has been faltering, weak and exceedingly fragile. Many an economist is predicting another crash, notwithstanding the high growth rates shown by official data for the US. Besides, this halting recovery has been accompanied by jobless growth, leading to further impoverisation of the masses worldwide. Also much of the so-called growth is illusory as it is not due to dynamism in the economies of the developed countries but the high growth rates recorded in the backward countries, most of which are based not on a sound economy but on imperialist induced artificial booms accompanied to a large extent by speculative capital.

While the economies of Europe and Japan are virtually stagnant that of the US is like a bubble being blown to the point of burst. Its economy is exceedingly fragile, with mountains of debt and deficits. After gigantic budget and current account deficits in 2004 it has gone up even higher last year. Last year the budget deficit was $ 400 billion and the current account deficit $780 billion. The confidence in the dollar as the only international currency is shaky and the Euro, with some ups and downs, has been rising to challenge the hegemony of the dollar. The US must get investments at the rate of $ 2 billion per day to cover its trade deficit. If governments start investing their reserves in euros or other currencies the economy will be pushed to the brink.

Today, inspite of the weaknesses in the European economies, it is a major contender to the US. This contention is reflected in both countries seeking to make trade blocs outside the WTO and strengthen existing ones. Though united in their attacks on the backward countries, the economic contention between the two is also reflected in the WTO.

Relatively the economy of Russia has seen some recovery which has enabled it to once again begin asserting their imperialist might in many parts of the world, particularly its backyard. And together with China’s their combined strength are becoming a threat to US hegemony. Russia has already pushed back the US in much of the CIS (Confederation of Independent States) countries, and is pushing aggressively in West Asia. China is using its economic clout to gain markets like Sudan, Myanmar, many countries of South East Asia, etc besides their traditional hold of North Korea and Mongolia. Russia and China are forging a powerful bloc in the Shanghai Corporation Organisaion (SCO) which has a clear anti-US trend.

Though collusion amongst imperialists continues to be principle, contention is intensifying, specifically compared to the early 1990s.

If we turn then to the backward countries, the situation is getting worse each day due to the continuous increase in the imperialist/comprador loot. Not only do the imperialists siphon off the loot form these countries abroad so do the compradors destroying the local economies. The compradors too hold about 50% of their wealth in foreign countries. Africa is virtually in a state of chaos with western robber barons looting its natural resources, while Latin America is just coming out of one of the worst crisis it has ever faced. East Asia, that was battered by the 1997 imperialist financial attack, is yet to recover.

South Asia is being devastated with the growing imperialist/comprador loot. The smaller countries are in addition reeling under the jackboot of Indian expansionism, backed by imperialism, particularly US imperialism. The masses are resisting this onslaught in all ways possible and where they are led by the Maoists the struggle is taking a revolutionary turn, as in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. Where the revolutionaries are not present the masses take to spontaneous outbursts, going well beyond the limits set by the revisionist and bourgeois parties, which are mostly crushed by brute force.

The policies of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation have been devastating the lives of the masses throughout the world and each day pushes thousands more into the depths of poverty and destitution. This has affected both the developed and the underdeveloped countries, but it has hit the latter the worst. In addition these policies have given unimaginable wealth to a hand full of global sharks with a spill off to their comprador stooges in the backward countries. The gap between the rich and the poor has gone to unprecedented heights, and continues to grow. Thereby the contradictions between the haves and the have-not continue to sharpen; class contradictions intensify. The deepening crises in the imperialist economies are further intensifying their contradictions. Though no fixed blocs have as yet occurred and alignments are in a flux the scramble for markets is intensifying.

This situation is resulting in the US flexing its military muscle in many parts of the world. Using Israel as its front paw in the West Asia it is pushing aggression and threatening all the countries of the region. Though bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan by the continued resistance of the people of these countries, using Israel it has launched a new adventure against Lebanon. Though resorting to mass massacre of the people of this country, they have been facing a heroic and stiff resistance. No doubt the entire West Asia will turn into a noose around the neck of the US imperialists and their zionist stooges.

In South Asia, over the recent years the Indian ruling classes are becoming the front paw of the US imperialists in the region and even beyond. While maintaining good relations with all the other countries of the region it is more and more drawing the servile Indian rulers into their geo-strategic interests. Indian expansionists backed by the US gangsters are being used to subvert all movements of the people in South Asia utilizing its gigantic army, paramilitary, intelligence and sophisticated weaponry. They have been ruthlessly attacking the revolutionary and nationality movements in the country, and assisting reactionary governments in the region both materially and physically. Kashmir and the North East states have become garrison states under Indian army occupation, where lakhs have been brutally killed. The Indian expansionist rulers are hated by the people of South Asia, including the people of India. The Indian Army’s presence has been strengthened in Bhutan under the pretext of attacks on the ULFA.

But South Asia has also become a burning cauldron of the revolutionary, and more particularly Maoist, movements. The people’s war in Nepal is reaching new heights, the merger of the two major Maoist forces in India have created a formidable force in India, the efforts of the Maoists to unite and extend the people’s war to new areas in Bangladesh, and sprouts of the new Maoist movement in Bhutan, make South Asia a flaming field of Maoist revolutions. Together with these the armed nationality movements in the region have created an explosive situation.

The Maoists of Nepal have liberated the bulk of the countryside of their country and have successfully fought back the brutal onslaughts of the RNA and the genocidal monarchy. The US are intervening directly in all aspects of the political and military life of Nepal. Their movement has reached the stage of the strategic offensive with a powerful PLA and a vast militia. The massive people’s upsurge in the country led by the Maoists has forced the monarchy to step back, and has created an unprecedented revolutionary situation in Nepal. The heroic Nepalese people, led by the CPN(Maoist), have recently come forward in lakhs to take the revolution forward, exposing the vacillations of the 7-party alliance. Nepal has today reached a critical juncture; and a great bright future awaits the people of that country.

The recent unity of the major Maoist parties in India has been a path-breaking advance of the Indian revolutionary movement and has led to an intensification of the people’s war. Some other Maoist parties in India are also making preparations in this direction. The CPI(Maoists) and the PLGA have been able to successfully beat back the massive onslaught on them in Chhattisgarh going on in the name of Salwa Judum. The unification has created panic in the Indian ruling classes and their imperialist backers (particularly the US) and today the Maoists are for the first time being targeted as the number one internal enemy of these ruling gangsters. The growing ability of the PLGA to beat back the state’s cruel offensive is creating a new hope in the people of this vast country.

In Bangladesh inspite of the divisions in the Maoist ranks and most brutal repression, particularly by the RAB (Rapid Action Battalion), Maoists have made strenuous efforts to advance the people’s war in their country. They have also been making efforts to end their divisions and unite into a strong Maoist force in the country.

In Bhutan the Maoist sprouts continue to grow notwithstanding the massive repression of the feudal State, total lack of democratic rights, and the presence of the large Indian forces stationed in that country. All are mobilised to crush the new sprouts of the Maoist movement and justice-loving people in Bhutan.

Today, though the worldwide situation is ripe for a major advance of the genuine revolutionary movements of the world the subjective forces are weak. Though the Maoist forces are recovering their strength from the setback in 1976 with China turning revisionist, and are united more firmly on MLM, revisionism has eaten into the vitals of many communists and turned them into a spent force. Today it is revisionism that is the main danger to the communist forces throughout the world. It is impossible to advance the revolution without a consistent and thoroughgoing struggle against revisionism, whatever the form it takes. As part of this dogmato-sectarianism is also having a negative impact on communist movements in the world. Today, more than ever before, there is urgent need for all genuine communists to creatively apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, including the experiences of the GPCR, to the concrete conditions of their country and advance the revolutions for the seizure of power by armed force towards building socialism and advancing towards communism. In this process with the advancement of the revolution and the class struggle MLM too develops. Along with major challenges, there are great revolutionary opportunities in the present world and the Maoists must dare scale new heights.

There have been vast people’s upsurges throughout the world against the aggressive policies of the US imperialists which have shaken the imperialists to the core. The massive violent outbreaks in France have created a panic in entire Europe. The growing national liberation movements around the world have created a new fear in the imperialist minds. And most important the Maoist People’s wars of Nepal, Philippines, India, Turkey and Peru are the sparks of a new awakening towards a bright socialist future. A new wave of great revolutionary struggles are appearing on the horizon. The principal contradiction in the world continues to be between imperialism and the oppressed nations and peoples of the world.

CCOMPOSA, an organization of the Maoists of South Asia, vows to deepen and extend the links between the genuine Maoists of the region, help sharpen the weapon of MLM and increase coordination to fight back the enemies in their respective countries, actively being led by their US imperialist masters. With the ruling classes of most countries of South Asia assisting each other in the region to suppress the revolutionary and nationality movements there is ever greater need for the people’s movements of these countries to draw closer together and assist their respective struggles. More particularly it is the Indian expansionist rulers, backed by the imperialists, particularly the US imperialists who are aggressively supporting the governments of the respective countries to suppress or subvert the movements. In addition it is the US imperialists that are directly intervening in all the countries of the region, with military training, political manouvering, and blatant and outright intervention in suppressing the Maoist movements.

CCOMPOSA vows to beat back the attacks of these reactionary rulers, the Indian Expansionists and kick the US and all imperialists out of South Asia. CCOMPOSA vows to deepen and advance the new democratic revolutions in the different countries of South Asia as a part of the world socialist revolution. Let South Asia turn into a flaming field of peoples’ revolutionary upsurges and burn to ashes imperialism (particularly US imperialism), Indian expansionism and all reaction in the region.

1) Proletarian Party of Purba Bangla-CC; PBSP (CC) [Bangladesh]

2) Communist Party of East Bengal(ML)(Red Flag); CPEB (ML)(Red Flag) [Bangladesh]

3) Bangladesher Samyobadi Dal(Marxist-Leninist) BSD(ML) [Bangladesh]

4) Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) CPB(MLM)

5) Comminist Party of India (Maoist), CPI(Maoist)

6) Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari CPI-ML (Naxalbari) [India]

7) Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) CPI(MLM)[India]

8) Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist); CPN(Maoist) [Nepal]


Some Political Resolutions of 4th Conference of CCOMPOSA

1. Hail the Martyrdom of com: Kamrul Master of the CPEB(M-L)(Red Flag)

2. Hail the Martyrdom of com: Mufakhar Chaudhary and com: Kamrul Master





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