Volume 7, No. 7, August-September-October, 2006


Hail the Martyrdom of com: Mufakhar Chaudhary and com: Kamrul Master


The heroic martyrdom of two prominent leaders of the Maoist movement in Bangladesh -com: Mufakhar Chaudhary and com: Kamarul Master - has added a new chapter of selfless sacrifice, total dedication, unflinching commitment and revolutionary audacity in the history of entire proletarian movement in the world.

Com: Mufakhar Chaudhary and com: Kamarul Master both started their revolutionary life from studentís movement in the 1960s. Com: Choudhary was the secretary of the undivided Communist Party of East Bengal (Marxist-Leninist) [CPEB(M-L)]. He was jailed for many years. His life has been such an example of a true revolutionary fighter who sacrificed everything for the cause of revolution. Even the enemy, who killed him in a most brutal manner, was forced to admit his revolutionary dedication.

Like com: Chaudhary com: Kamrul Master (Zaman) was one of the leaders of CPEB (M-L) and was also jailed for several years. The long imprisonment never rusted this Maoist leader, instead he became more active to reorganise the fragmented party and remained an important central leader of CPEB(M-L) Red Flag till he was killed by the enemy. While he was preparing to attend this CCOMPOSA conference he was caught by the Rapid Action Battallion and assassinated in cold blood.

Both these revolutionary martyrs upheld the spirit of GPCR till their martyrdom. We express deep condolence and hail their sacrifice. We promise we will uphold their ideals and fulfill their dream of making South Asia a strong base of proletarian revolution.




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