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August-September-October 2006

Vol. 7, No. 7




High hold the prestigious Red flag of the CPI (Maoist) Party


Israeli Zionists Get a Bloody Nose in Lebanon


Reply to Article in AWTW on tactics towards WSF & MR-2004

Without a Struggle against Revisionism it is impossible to take even one step forward in the Revolution


Political Resolution of CCOMPOSA 4th Conference

Vehemently Condemn Mumbai-Type Bomb Blast

What SEZs mean for Women

Collaps of the WTO Trade Talks & Intensifying Economic Contentions

PMs Vidharbha ‘Package’ a Big Hoax



Special Report:

Adivasi Women : Situation & Struggles

Interview :

Interview with the Incharge of Dandakaranya CNM; Comrade Lenj 


Govt Prepares for a Massive Clamp Down on Maoists

The Errabore Incident & Advance of People’s War

Food scarcity in Peril

Govt. Loot Behind Oil Price Rise

Press Release

Joint Press Release of CPN (Maoist) and CPI (Maoist)

4th Conference of the CCOMPOSA

On Martyrs

Hail the heroic martyrdom of AP state secretary comrade Madhav and other comrades of Nallamala!

Comrade Madhav’s life—an inspiration to revolutionaries


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