Political Economy: Dictionaries and General Topics

      This page contains dictionaries of political economy, and some general works or textbooks on political economy which cover both the political economy of capitalism and the political economy of of socialism. Works devoted more or less exclusively to just capitalist economics are available in the Political Econonomy of Capitalism section on BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET, while works devoted mostly to just socialist economics are available in the Political Econonomy of Socialism section.

      Please note that many of these books or articles are from the Soviet Union in the state capitalist, social-imperialist era, or from other revisionist or even openly pro-capitalist sources. We assume that visitors to this web site are sophisticated enough to take the source of these various works, and the political perspectives of their authors, into careful consideration. However, we also feel that these works also contain at least some material which is of use in studying genuine MLM political economy. So readers will have to decide for themselves just which parts of these works are worth paying serious attention to.

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Dictionaries of Political Economy:

General Textbooks of Political Economy (Covering Both Capitalism and Socialism):

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