Political Economy of Socialism & Communism

Suppressed or difficult to find articles, books, discussions, etc., on various
topics, issues and questions in Marxist socialist political economy (economics).

      We intend the core topic of the materials available on this page to be about the political economy of genuine socialism and genuine communism. However, be forewarned that we are also posting materials here which are only called the political economy of socialism, and which in reality are often more like the political economy of state capitalism, “market socialism”, or other revisionist conceptions of “socialism”. This is especially true for works published in the Soviet Union from the Khrushchev era on and works on political economy published in China after the death of Mao. But it is generally also true for Western academics who often falsely imagine that they are talking about “socialism”, or “socialism as it actually exists”, etc.

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Introductions to the Political Economy of Socialism and Communism:

General Socialist Economic Theory [From various “Left” points of view]:

The Transition from Capitalism to Socialism [From various “Left” points of view]:

Socialist Planning [From various “Left” points of view]:

Socialist Economics in Maoist China:

Socialist Economics in the Soviet Union:

Socialist Economics in Countries in the Soviet Bloc:

Miscellaneous Academic Works (Usually Bourgeois and/or Focused on the Soviet Union in its Capitalist Era):

  • [Book:] The Socialist System — The Political Economy of Socialism, by János Kornai, (Clarendon Press Oxford, 1992), 673 pages.   [Removed for copyright reasons.]
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