Magazines and Journals from the Soviet Union during the
State-Capitalist / Social-Imperialist Period (c. 1955-1991)

      These are a few of the vast number of magazines and journals published during the revisionist (or state-capitalist and social-imperialist) era of the Soviet Union. We are posting them here not for any imagined educational value as supposed “Marxist-Leninist documents”. Quite the contrary! We are posting these materials so that they can help serve as education by negative example. We hope and expect that visitors to this site will be sophisticated and quite capable of recognizing that these magazines are filled with all sorts of bourgeois and pro-capitalist nonsense, and endless distortions of real MLM theory, as well as outrageous slanders of genuine revolutionaries including not only Mao, but also even of Marx, Engels and Lenin who they falsely claim to uphold.

      If you know of other magazines that it would be useful to post here, please contact us at:

International Affairs — A Monthly Journal of Political Analysis

New Times — A Soviet Weekly of World Affairs

Problems of Economics — IASP

      Monthly journal of English translations of Soviet economic articles published by an American company. [This is just one sample issue.]

Social Sciences

      Quarterly journal published by the USSR Academy of Sciences from 1970 until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, and by the Russian Academy of Sciences since then.

Socialism: Theory and Practice [STP]

      Monthly magazine with Supplements.