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Suppressed or difficult to find articles, books, discussions, etc.,
on various topics, issues and questions in Marxist philosophy.

      This web page contains materials on Marxist philosophy (or Dialectical Materialism) from many different countries and from many different eras. We warn the reader that not all of this material is of high quality! In particular, some of the works from the revisionist Soviet Union (c. 1955-1991) are highly suspect. However, we are including works which may in fact have serious errors in them, or even be downright revisionist or social imperialist in their political outlooks, if it seems they may also be of at least some interest from the point of view of MLM philosophy. Perhaps, in some few cases, their only real value is by way of negative example.

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Introductions to Marxist Philosophy (Dialectical Materialism):

Older and Hard to Find Early Works on Marxist Philosophy:

Materialism vs. Idealism:


Theory of Knowledge [Epistemology] and Cognition:

Philosophy of Science:

Historical Materialism:

Political Philosophy:

Ethics, Morality and Freedom of Will:


Philosophy in the Soviet Union:

Philosophy in the People’s Republic of China:

History of Philosophy:

Bourgeois Philosophy (Criticism Of):   [See also: Political Philosophy]

Other Topics in Philosophy:

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Journals Focused on Dialectical Materialism:   [From various Marxist or semi-Marxist philosophical perspectives, though politically often supportive of revisionist parties and countries (such as the state-capitalist Soviet Union).]