A WORLD TO WIN    #22   (1996)




13 February 1996: "The sight of hundreds of thousands of peasants and workers in Nepal standing up and taking on their enemies cannot help but inspire the oppressed masses throughout the world. It highlights the decisive role and vitality of the revolutionary ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and gives further impulse to the forming and strengthening of Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations united in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. The initiation of the People's War in Nepal is a daring and glorious step forward for the world revolution."

Two-Line Struggle in Peru

In the prisons of Peru itself, among slum dwellers in India, in the "electronic world" of the Internet, debate is raging over the two-line struggle which emerged in the Communist Party of Peru. Let's Carry the Fight against the Right Opportunist Line through to the End!

Hoisting the Red Flag to the
Roof of the World

Appeal of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to the People: March Along the Path of People's War!

RIM Committee Message to
the CPN(M)


Two-Line Struggle in Peru
Persevere through the Swirling Currents of the Two-Line Struggle!

Joint Resolution of the South Asian Parties and Organizations of RIM

A Hard Look at the Dangers
and Opportunities

CoRIM Document:
Twists and Turns in the
Two-Line Struggle

An Initial Reply to Arce Borja:
On the Maoist Conception of Two-Line Struggle

Newsbriefs from the

Anti-RIM Critics from the Cyberswamp: "Virtual Maoism" and Real Opportunism

For Your Reference:
"A Response to the 'Investigators' of RIM"


Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution-30 Years Later


New Upsurge of Struggle in Turkey's Dungeons

The Bitter Lessons of


May First 1996:
People's War from Andes to the Himalayas - the Only Road to Liberation!

Southern Lebanon: Another Bloody Chapter in the Middle East "Peace Process"