Volume 7, No. 2, February. 2006


Stop State Terror Against Maoists In India

Demand Immediate Release Of com. Sunil Roy, Gaurav, Kiran & Others


We, the Maoist Parties of South Asia strongly condemn the State terror on the people of India, particularly their vanguard, the CPI(Maoist). Ever since the merger of the two parties, the MCCI and CPI(ML(PW) {both members of the CCOMPOSA} and the formation of the united CPI(Maoist), the Central and State governments of India have been unleashing maniacal terror against it. We strongly condemn this and warn that the greater the repression the greater will be the people’s wrath.

It is now many months that the Indian government has been illegally detaining senior leader and politburo member com Sunil Roy. In spite of his advanced age and poor health they are treating him like an ordinary criminal. Com. Sunil Roy (publicly known as Com. Shome) is not only a respected leader of the Indian revolutionary movement he was also known internationally, being one of the important members of the CCOMPOSA. In addition they also continue to illegally incarcerate senior leaders and politburo members of the CPN(Maoist), comrades Kiran and Gaurav and many other Nepalese Maoists.

The CCOMPOSA demands the unconditional and immediate release of these senior leaders and all other political prisoners of South Asia illegally being detained in Indian prisons.

Besides, it has recently come to our notice from the media that the Indian rulers have been unleashing a most brutal and barbaric campaign, in the name of Salwa Judum, against the tribals of Bastar (Chhatisgarh) who are under the leadership of the Maoists. It is reported the para-military and lumpen forces led by an MLA have been resorting to terror of unspeakable nature killing, burning, and looting. It is reported over 100 tribals have been killed and not even women and children have been spared. Their heads are being severed and stuck on their own houses to create terror. Over 30 young women have been gang-raped and six of them killed. 40 villages have been burnt down and villagers gathered and kept in Vietnamese-style strategic hamlets. The terror is reported to be going on till today. It is reminiscent of British rule in India.

The CCOMPOSA demands the immediate end to this terror, the restoration of human rights in the region, and strict action against all those responsible.

It is known that the Indian rulers, backed by their imperialist masters, have resorted to such terror not only in India but other countries of South Asia in the past like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and also against the nationality movements of Kashmir and the North-East. The methods adopted go against all civilized norms and will breed hatred against the Indian rulers in the entire region.

CCOMPOSA demands the immediate end to the terror in Chattisgarh and a public enquiry by an international tribunal into the so-called Salwa Judum going on since the past five months.

Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)

1) PBSP (CC) [Bangladesh] 2) PBSP (MPK)[Bangladesh] 3) BSD (ML) [Bangladesh] 4)CPEB (ML) [Bangladesh] 5)CPC (Maoist) [Sri Lanka] 6) CPI-ML (Naxalbari) [India] 7) RCCI (MLM) [India] 8) CPN (Maoist) [Nepal] 9) CPI(Maoist) [India]

December 26 2005

Condolence Messages to Com. KS

Meanwhile PM has got a number of condolence messages on the demise of comrade KS. These were from the CCOMPOSA, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and the RIM. The CCOMPOSA statement said "CCOMPOSA pays its red homage to Karan Singh. He played an important role in the initiation, formation and development of CCOMPOSA, which came into existence in 2001, being a leader of RCCI (Maoist). His active participation in the effort to unite all revolutionary forces of South Asia is exceptional and unforgettable. He firmly and genuinely believed in the necessity of ideological and political unity of all revolutionary forces and the unity of all workers of the world to fight against all the reactions, feudalism and imperialism." The statement further added that "Comrade KS will continue to encourage us and inspire us in striving to achieve socialism and communism, the ideals which he stood for throughout his life. He will forever live in the hearts and minds of the oppressed that he dedicated his life."




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