Volume 5, No. 10, October 2004


Press Release                                                                                                       30.6.2004




The cruelest monarch of Bhutan, who is backed by the chains of murders and the suppressions of the innocent people, is trying to protect his regime on the gunpoint even in the light of 21st century. By prohibiting the educational rights of the children allowing only his near and dear ones in the school, he has not only violated the right to education of the nation but also disregarded the humanitarian line resulting in even the degeneration of the general civil rights of the people. Alike for the outsiders, the practice of route permit, denying of the Citizenship I.D. card to the disliked masses, application of the retroactive system of No Objection Certificate in the school admission, scholarship, job appointment and promotion, he has not only done away with the lovers of Human Rights and Democracy, but has forcibly forfeited the land properties of the evicted citizens and the peasants of southern Bhutan and distributed them to his relatives and clique. The so called resettlement over the aforesaid looted land is clear enough to prove Jigme government as anti-people, anti-democracy, chauvinist and most communal in nature.

He, not only has shown his insincerity in the repatriation programme of the refugees but, at the same time put more stress to settle his supporters in the land of evicted citizens inviting the flood of criticisms from all over the world. The communal policy of the ruling elite has brought forward the maximum chances of clash between various Nationalities, which created obstacle in the way of development in the nation. In the process of consoling his cliques to provide a high security, he has converted the illiterate and the less conscious peoples ii1tp his agents to use them as the human shield in the future People’s War. By creating agents and deploying armed forces in various parts of the countryside and rejecting the refugee repatriation programme time and again, he has in an indirect way, already demanded for war.

The incident which took place at Hattikharka village in Biroo block, Sibsoo Sub-Division, under Samchi district of the southern Bhutan on 7th Nov. 2003 was, no other than the result of the aforesaid consequences; There, the three refugees had been to visit their relatives where the Jigme agent named Birjey Kaila and his cliques had snatched one of them, beaten severely, practised inhuman behavior and handed them over to the reactionary government, while the remaining two managed to escape. Against the reactionary state policy of gunning down of the people by the people, our great and glorious party Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) draws their attention and warns them, those who have been helping the anti-people government for their self-oriented interest. Although, it is not the party’s intention to target the civilians, police and army constables yet, our party would not spare those who are involved in theft case, rape, murder, become enemy agents and harass the people. The Bhutan Communist Party (MLM) warns to put them in the people’s court those who would be found guilty. Hence, all are requested not to be involved in such an inhuman practice.

The incident of Hattikharka is only an example. Many more incidents of such a degree and worst types have been taking place all over the countryside time and again under the direction of the present fasist government. Jigme government has been gaining strong support from the expansionist India, which has invaded 18 alluvial dooars and taken away the sovereignty of our country since the unequal Punakha Treaty of 1910. The US imperialism also has formed a clique with India with the intention to suppress the South-Asian people’s revolutions for its uni-polar might and right. As a result, our country Bhutan has been pushed into the danger of Sikkimisation leaving the people in the ocean of the many problems.

Hence, the Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) calls upon all the freedom lovers of the country and the world for their co-operation, support and participation in the "next height" programme of the declared New Democratic Revolution.

Down with Absolute monarchy!

Long live Peoples war!

Long live New Democratic Revolution!

Long live World Proletariat Revolution!

Long live Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist)!!


Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) Central Organizing Committee.





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