Volume 5, No. 10, October 2004


An Appeal of Bhutan Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) Let’s Unite bravely in the struggle for the Civil right in Bhutan!

Let’s smash the autocratic monarchy!!


Respected Sisters and Brothers,

Our country Bhutan is a multilingual, mountaneous and land-locked nation. At this hour, the country is under the strict suppression of semi-feudalism and semi-colonialism. Bhutanese masses are now the victims of feudalism and imperialism, specially Indian expansionism. The Bhutanese feudal suppressor, oppressor and exploiter is only the true enemy of the proletarian Bhutanese.

The oppression, exploitation and extreme human injustice is prevailling in the country even in this hour of 21 century which is the age of science and tee technology. Even when there is a strong strength for human rights and freedom of expression and speech, poor and backward people in the country are absolutely deprived of these rights of human beings. Since there is no political and civil rights in the country, there is no true democratic rights of the people. As a result, the issue of the establishment of people’s democracy in the country is a significant need of the nation today. The cruel family autocratic administration of monarch is being fattened by the sweat, toil and blood of the people. It is not limited here, further more, it has signed the unbalanced treaties with the Indian expansionism thereby endangering the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. Therefore, the defence of the nation against the international imperialism and domestic stooges is another major problem of us, the Bhutanese proletariats.

The problem of the nation of Bhutan is not only related to the foreign reactionaries but also to the domestic ones. The internal racial problem appears to be strong in the multi-ethnic nation. The way of racial self-governance is regarded as the political and human right issues in the democratic world. However, Bhutan has not guaranteed any such type of rights. For the sake of oppressing the feelings against the racial development, thousands of people have been ruthlessly killed by the autocratic Wangchuk regime, to persist on with the same autocratic system; it has been continuing its severe oppressions against various racial communities.

Now, the refugee issue is becoming a burning problem. The international community realized the actual violation of human rights and freedom of the Bhutanese nationals only when hundreds of thousands of bonafide citizens were forcibly evicted from their native land. But unfortunately evicted citizens could not get asylum in neighbouring country India, instead the Indian government handed the victims of autocratic regime over to the government of Nepal. In addition to this, the issue of livelihood in a poor country like Bhutan has become a challenging problem. Bhutan is an agro-based country. On the one hand, there is no industrial development and on the other there is the stronghold of foreign reactionaries in the spheres of economic resources and means of productions. Due to the monopolistic authority of feudal lords and bureaucratic capitalism, peasants, workers, women, merchants including various classes and communities have been experiencing extreme economic exploitation, insufficiency. and vulnerability as a whole.

Respected Lovers of justice

It is known to one and all that the voices so long raised against the barbaric and ruthless exploitation and oppression of the Bhutanese king could not take subjective and concrete shape. Taking the optimum advantage of the low level of consciousness and vast illiterate people, the sovereignty seller feudalist ruler who always goes against the nation and the people, signed so many one-sided treaties with the Indian expansionist. As a result, Bhutan has been pushed towards the extreme cliff of ‘Sikkimization’.

It was well known to the wild Nagalong administration that the people would certainly raise their voice for the establishments of freedom and human rights. It was also known to them that the people are the true masters of the country and they could leave no stone unturned to wage war for their civil rights and people’s administration. So this feudal dictatorship is daydreaming by mortgaging the sovereignty of the nation taking the strong support of imperialists, expansionists and capitalists.

The fourth hereditary monarch is belittling the rights of the citizens using various forms of turture and coercive acts. He is not satisfied with the various policies followed by his father and forefathers. So Jigme Singrne Wangchuk as a leader of a few feudal lords showed his cruelty and prelude (introduction) by applying fascism crushing the mass interests, finally and Jigme created refugee problem displaying the black magic of the king and his government to the world.

The exploited people of the country are deprived of all forms of rights including rights to travel from one place to another part of the country. The citizens at present are spending their lives in the streets of the second and the third countries, India and Nepal respectively. The mass wealth of the nations is spent only within the so-called royal family and by its nearest and dearest ones. The government of a few has made the country a center for foreign army and converted the calm environment into the war field. But the citizens are deprived of their fundamental rights, rights to appeal, demand, education and culture and awareness. Due to this boundless suppression and duress, almost all the patriotic, democratic people and intellectuals, other poor Bhutanese and other citizens are absolutely unhappy and disheartened. At this hour there is no other alternative in the hands of the poor Bhutanese other than to struggle for the establishment of people’s democracy and national independence.

Respected Oppressed Mass,

We all have known that at various periods of history and from various parts of the world, different tribes of people came and resided in our country. Here, there are various ethnic groups other than sharchhops Ngalong and of Nepalese Origin like Doya, Khengpa, Brokpa, Kurtepa, Layapa and the Indians like Uraun-Munda and so on. Among them there are aborigins like the Doya and Brokpa.

In the 13th century, the Tibeto-Origin Ngalong entered the country. They unified all the small kingdoms into one using ruthless force and finally the present hereditary Wangchuk dynasty established its power. It is purely a dictatorial regime of a few people during the course of the history. Till today, this Fascist, feudal, family autocratic administration is swimming in the blood of the innocent people.

To destroy this inhuman administration and to establish scientific socialism by accepting the right to self-determination as a political right, all the nationals are necessary to unite to struggle for self-government, otherwise, neither the repartriation of the refugees, nor the establishment of democracy in the country, nor the restoration of human rights in the country is possible to reach the success. In this sense, the root cause of the racial, linguistic, social and political problems in the country is no other than the present notorious monarchial system. And the smashing of the cruel Wangchuk administration is possible only through the peoples revolution for new democracy comprising various racial movements for self-governance. Respected Refugee Community,

Now, we have been deprived of the nationality right of living in our own homeland and we are in. exile. We have been compelled to be away from the love of the soil, national sovereignty and prestige. The question of repartriation of one lakh fifty thousand refugee with dignity and honor and declaration of human right has topped the environment of today. However, it has to be clearly understood that without closing the evil chapters (key cause) of creating refugees problem, it is impossible to do away with the refugee problem just by raising the trifling demand of repartriation. No other means can resolve the refugee crisis except by the establishment of democracy in Bhutan. It is widely accepted truth. Therefore, it is necessary for all of us to step ahead in the ongoing revolution for the ever-lasting solution of refugee problem.

Respected Peasant Brothers and Sister,

Since Bhutan is totally an agricultural country, the root cause of all types of problems is. agriculture. Broadly speaking, to acquire the ownership over the land for cultivation is the main issue of today. The revolution by the peasants and distribution of land to landless farmers can alone solve the ages old economic, social, educational, cultural and political problems which are hammering the heads of innocent farmers (citizens) of Bhutan under the leadership of the notorious king.

The events and the thought change according to the change in time and convert itself into a developed stage. Change and transformation are not only natural but they also depend upon the level of mass consciousness. The policy and skill of political principals play a leading role in this phenomenon. We have fresh histories of complete shattering of thousands of time stronger power of enemy with the help of people’s right vision, right principles of tactics, strategies and war-skill. From Paris Commune to the Soviet Union, New democratic revolution of China to the South Asian revolutions and from Latin American revolutions to people’s revolution of Vietnam had bitterly forced American imperialist to kneel down. It is in fact, the result of scientific philosophy, crystal clear ideology, right mass line, and Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) and the worldwide war-waging communist groups which are affiliated with the ‘RIM’ and other revolutionary communist Parties have a leading role in it. In the context of Bhutan, an active communist Party under dynamic leadership, following the bright path of Marxism, Leninism and Maoism for waging the long term people’s war, for the establishment of people’s democracy is necessary.

In the process of new people’s Revolutionary Democracy, National independence and solution of people’s basic and contemporary problem of livelihood- basically education, health, business, industries, natural and human resources, problems of freedom of speech and publication and to solve all these problems, the crisis of people’s civil right must be solved in advance. Therefore, we appeal to the mass population of the country to be united and to struggle for the people’s right with the following demands:

1. Bhutan Government must declare sovereign democracy and guarantee the people’s rights and freedoms.

2. Bhutan Government must repatriate its citizen in exile with dignity and honor.

3. Bhutan Government must guarantee with the acceptance in principle the right to selfdetermination.

4. Following the principle of "Land for the farmer", distribute the lands to the poor peasants and landless farmers.

5. Bhutan Government must fix the minimum wage of Nu 150/- per day. Also the emergency fund for the forthcoming catastrophe, health insurance and shelter must be guaranteed.

6. Guarantee all fundamental rights of women on equal judgement.

7. Bhutan Government must guarantee cost-free education and employment.

8. Guarantee democratic and employment oriented education.

9. Do away with all the draconian laws and Acts and reconstruct new democratic laws and constitution.

10. Guarantee the freedom of speech, press, freedom to travel within the territory of the country.

Respected Lovers of Democracy.

For the establishment of democracy and human-rights in Bhutan, a number of parties and organisation were formed and they struggled in their own way and some of them have been still struggling. But in conclusion, there is no solid and productive consequence of their struggles, even though we should not suspect their struggle and determination However, due to their wrong and illusive outlook towards sources, causes and effects of the problems, the line of their struggles were misguided. As a result, the problem remained as it was before. This is the age of supper computer. Without the scientific political thought, there won’t be true solution of any problems. The present scientific philosophy and principle is no other than Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Therefore being equipped with the spirit of the guiding principle of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and following the minimum policies and programs of the new democracy with. an aim of accomplishing the new people’s revolution in a long term people’s war, determined to reach the final goal of communism via socialism; we declare our great and glorious Bhutan Communist Party at this Juncture.

At this hour of great significance, we want to appeal to all the people that we should smash the present age-old autocratic Wangchuk administration and replace it with the new people’s rule, to build a new Bhutan by rallying all the justice seeking people under the glorious red flag of the Communist Party of Bhutan with the sacrifice of body, spirit and material. Let’s accomplish the New democratic revolution!

Working hand in hand with the people, zeroing in on the naked family autocratic Wangchuk administration singing the milancholy songs of the poor people basing on the ground of people’s war, the party by the people and the party for the people, the Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM) is the symbol of life and hope of the poor Bhutanese and it is entirely dedicated to the people’s freedom and justice.

Totally dedicated to the people’s revolution, without compromise, fully sacrifycing for the of blood of martyrs, decorated with thoughts and feelings of the sons and daughters of Bhutan, embeded in the sickle and hammer, keeping the red flag of our Party always up and straight with a strategy of conquering the towns from villages, leading the long term people’s war and armed revolution, our great and glorious party is always in the interest of the Bhutanese proletariat.

Either the problem of Diglamnamja or the refugee problems, linguistic problem or educational problems, racial problem or territorial problems, agricultural problem or industrial problems, employment problem or problem of genders-all these are the problems of democracy, nationality and people’s livelihood. To find their true solution is to find the solution of Bhutanese political instability. Therefore, we ask all the Bhutanese farmers, students, youths, women, teachers, businessmen, industrialists and intellectuals’ circles and entire patriotic and democratic forces to be united and rally under the wide flag of our party, the Bhutan Communist Party for the revolution for justice. Come on! all the exploited and oppressed countrymen to wage ultimate war against the family autocracy and for the freedom and justice of the coming generation through’ the new people’s democratic revolution.

Down with! Monrarchy

Down with! Feudalism-Imperialism-Expansionism

Long live! Peasants’ movement of Bhutan

Long live! Our unity in the world Communist movement

Long live! Proletarian internationalism

Long live! Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

Long live! Unity of all the exploited racial and linguistic community of Bhutan

Be united! Patriotic, Democratic and Leftist forces.

Long live! Bhutan Communist Party (MLM)


22nd April 03 Central Organizing Committee

"Lenin Day" Bhutan Communist Party (MLM)





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