January 1999


Political Notes




We vigorously condemn the joint US-British imperialist aggression against Iraq. In utter contempt for the lives and safety of the Iraqi people and their right to national sovereignty, US imperialism, assisted by the British regime, has launched hundreds of cruise missiles, deployed tens of thousands of aggressor troops, 22 warships and 200 warplanes to commit yet another act of imperialist aggression.

The US and British imperialists are in complete violation of the UN resolution to lift economic sanctions on Iraq upon completion of the UN weapons inspection work. More than 400 sites have been inspected. But on the complaint of the Butler report of alleged obstruction in the inspection of only five sites, the US and British imperialists have unleashed a new war of aggression against Iraq before the UN Security Council could discuss fully and decide on the report.

Sites inspected by the teams of the UN inspection commission, including those with UN surveillance cameras, have been bombed. Clearly, said commission has always been a commission of spies for supplying information to the imperialists for the purpose of aggression.

In bypassing the UN Security Council, the Anglo-American imperialists have proven that they are hellbent not only on perpetuating the economic sanctions but on pursuing a policy of genocide as manifested by the destruction of economic facilities and killing people. US imperialism is trying in vain to force Iraq and the Iraqi people to choose between complete subjugation and genocide.

By engaging in exceedingly brutal aggression and terrorism, with the cowardly use of air strikes, the Anglo-American imperialists seek to perpetuate and aggravate their domination over the Middle East, especially over the oil resources, and to terrorise, blackmail and suppress the revolutionary and anti-imperialist forces with the assistance of its ally in the region, Israel. The latter, under the protection of US imperialism, is allowed to defy dozens of UN resolutions.

In the face of the deepest crisis of the World capitalist system the Great Depression, US imperialism - assisted by lesser imperialist powers and local reactionaries in the client states - is escalating its exploitation and oppression of the peoples of the world. Even as the two competing factions of the US ruling class quarrel over the issue of Mr. Clinton's impeachment, the entire US ruling class approves the joint US-British imperialist attack on Iraq, because this act of aggression is in the interest of the entire US monopoly bourgeoisie.

In the face of this escalating imperialist aggression, exploitation and oppression, the peoples in the Middle East and in the rest of world - through their revolutionary and anti-imperialist organisations - are bound to step up their resistance and their revolutionary struggles for national and social liberation.

Down with the US-British aggression against Iraq!

Expose the US and British imperialists as gross violators of people's rights and international law!

Carry forward the revolutionary struggles against imperialism and its local reactionary agents!

Fight for national and social liberation !

Workers and oppressed peoples of the world, unite!


The communique  has been signed by the following organisations:

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP),

Turkish Communist Party/Marxist-Leninist (TKPIML),

CPI(ML)][People’s War]

Maoist Communist Centre (MCC),

AKPIML (Norway),

PCR Brasil,

PCR Argentina,

PRML Chile,

Action Socialiste (Canada).

Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB),

Workers and Peasants Russian Party,

Revolutionary Marxist Organisation A/Synechia (Greece),

El Diario Internacional,

PC(MLM) de Catalonia,

Rossiaperaio (Italy)




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