Workers, toilers and oppressed peoples of the world,

We are celebrating the last May 1st of the twentieth century. May 1st has become a symbol of unity, solidarity and the struggle in the fight against the capitalist classes by the international proletariat. May 1st this year is being celebrated at a time when the number one enemy of the world, the US imperialism, and other imperialist powers under its leadership, are further intensifying their attacks against the working class and the oppressed peoples of the world. It is also a time of increasing danger of reactionary wars. Only yesterday the imperialists were attacking the Iraqi people in order to intimidate them. Today they are deploying ground and air bombardment against the Yugoslavian people with the lie of "humanitarian aid to Kosova".

Imperialists bandits claiming to bring "peace" along with the "New World Order" and while proclaiming that "communism is dead", are intensifying their attacks against the working class and the oppressed peoples and nations of the world. They are planning to wage even bigger attacks and to instigate local and regional reactionary wars in order to overcome their crisis and to expand their shrinking markets.

The imperialist monopolies, who fallaciously claim that they are improving the world economy through the "new economy policy", are causing unprecedented suffering for the peoples of the colonial and semi-colonial countries and subject them more famine and deeper the economic crisis and extreme poverty. On one hand a handful of people are getting richer and richer, and on the other hand the working class and oppressed people of the world are being made to pay a huge bill of this devastating crisis. Unemployment level is rising all over the world. More and more the economic, democratic and social rights of the people are being taken away. The "new world order" and "globalization" and the "new economic policy", are the policies which imperialist powers use in order to oppress and dominate working class and oppressed peoples of the world. As long as imperialism remains to exist, destruction, oppression, harassment, unemployment and poverty will continue to increase.

Once more, the warmongering and the bloodthirsty character of imperialism has shown itself with the US led NATO bombings of Yugoslavia and the setting of the Balkans on fire. Their "New World Order" means creating new devastating wars and enabling arms cartels to sell more weapons. The cost of NATO's attacks against Yugoslavia is $250m every day. The working class and the toiling masses will be made to pay this cost. The fascist Turkish State, while busy committing mass genocide and untold crimes against the Kurdish people with the money and the arms that is supplied to it by the USA and the western imperialist powers, claims to be "trying to save Kosovan people from genocide". This is in order to hide its own crimes and atrocities against the Kurdish people.

Working class of Europe, revolutionaries,

It is especially necessary for the European working classes of those countries under the NATO umbrella, to protest in their own countries against the imperialist attacks and advance class solidarity. If they go on strike to protest against the war, their governments will not dare to enter into a war and will stop these attacks. Imperialists are drenching the world and the Balkans in blood. Each time they commit their crimes under different excuses. It must be realised that it is criminal to stay silent against all these atrocities. Yesterday, the imperialists were attacking Iraq; today they are attacking Yugoslavia. Tomorrow, they will not hesitate to attack any other country. According to the official records there are over 20 million unemployed people in the USA. With this war the level of unemployment will rise and the cost of the war will be compensated with the lowering of the wages and social rights of working class. Do not forget Hitler and other bandits who destroyed Europe and the entire world and massacred untold number of people!

The working class and the oppressed peoples have always been massacred for the sake of higher profits for the imperialist monopolies. They have always paid the costs and suffered the pains and its misery of the war. Today, the attacks of imperialism under the leadership of America are tens of times worse than that of Hitler's. They are carrying out attacks, massacres and harassment without using Hitler's name and use the media to pacify the masses. The proletariat and all other toiling masses must resolutely advance the revolutionary struggle and stand against the capitalist class, stronger, than ever before.

Contrary to what the imperialists and their subordinates claim, People's Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism have not died and will never die. On the contrary, the struggle for a classless society and a world without oppression is increasing and the flames of the desire for freedom, is rising ever higher. In Turkey, the various scenes of actions on May 1st, 1999 will echo the People's Democratic Revolution, Socialism and Communism. This year, May 1st, which is very important in the struggle against imperialism, fascism and all kind of reactionaries, will be celebrated one more time in the spirit of its glorious tradition.

Today, more then ever before we have to advance Peoples war and the armed struggle against fascism and all kinds of reactionaries in the colonial and semi-colonial countries. TKP/ML is making great attempts, taking big steps and paying huge costs in order to advance the people's war in Turkey and T. Kurdistan. Partisans under the leadership of TKP/ML will celebrate May 1st according to its historical mission and meaning.

Let us raise these slogans on May 1st.

Down with imperialism, fascism and all kinds of reactionaries!

Stop the NATO attacks against Yugoslavia! NATO and all other reactionary armies must be smashed!

Long live proletarian internationalism! Long live the brotherhood of all the peoples!


Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist    

International Relations Bureau    

May 1st 1999    

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