Suppression of News in Peru and Political
Statements Prevented from Reaching the People

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      Some of the documents posted here are taken from the or websites and we assume they are unmodified documents from the original sources, such as the Communist Party of Peru. Also, there seem to be several different trends which are now calling themselves the CPP. We do not always know which trend has originated the more recent documents posted below.

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Government Censorship and the Suppression of Ideas in Peru

Communist Party of Peru

Peru People’s Movement [MPP]
This is (or was) one dogmatic faction of CPP members and supporters, mostly located outside of Peru, who—after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo—refused to believe that he had called for an end to the People’s War. They may have gone on to constitute one of several factions of the current CPP.

International Support for the Peruvian Revolution

Academic Works on the Peruvian Revolution

News Reports and Other Information