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      Palestine is one of the most severely oppressed nations in the entire world. The oppression is done primarily by the Israeli Zionists who occupy the entire country of Palestine, much of which has been formally stolen and incorporated into the Zionist settler nation of Israel. The rest of Palestine is under either direct military control by Israel, or else under periodic and repeated military attack by Israel.

      The Zionists have only been able to seize Palestine in this way with the constant and sustained military and economic support of the capitalist-imperialist powers. Firstly, and beginning in the World War I era, this was primarily with the support of British imperialism. However, since World War II and the official establishment of Israel in 1948, this has been under the primary direction and support of United States imperialism.

      Although our sympathies are of course with the Palestinians, who have been the victims of ethnic cleansing and genocide for a great many decades now, does not take a stand in support of any particular Palestinian party, organization, or any specific Palestinian strategy or program. This is something for the Palestinians themselves to determine. Instead, our goal is simply to bring to light the views and activities of these various organizations, for both the Palestinians and the rest of the world to judge.

      Another very good website with lots of regularly updated information about the struggles of the Palestinian people against Zionism is: “The Left Side of the Road” at: Many of our documents on this website are taken from there.

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General Information about the Suppression of Progressive and Revolutionary Ideas in Palestine

Political Prisoners in Palestine (Including Those Held in Israel)

Documents From and About Political Organizations in Palestine

      [Please note that, unlike the situation on pages for most other countries, most of the Palestine political organizations listed here are not Marxist groups.]

Statements and Documents in Support of the Struggles of the Palestinian People

P.L.O. Research Center Publications [Beirut, Lebanon]

The Facts About the Palestine Problem, published by the Arab Women’s Information Committee, in Beirut, Lebanon (1967-1970?)

“If Americans Knew”
       [A liberal/progressive American organization focused on attempting to present truthful information about Israel and Palestine. Has a website at: ]

Books and Other Works by Pro-Palestinian Authors

       (We hope that under the present political circumstances the authors and publishers will not object to our making these valuable works available here, though we will remove them if they so request.)


      Due to the repressive legislation and judicial decisions in the United States, we at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET want to make it completely clear that we do not have any connection whatsoever with any political parties or organizations in Palestine, or in any other country for that matter. We do not aid, promote, assist, support, coordinate with, or provide any sort of services or advice to any party or organization in Palestine or elsewhere. However, we do support the right of free speech, and the right of the people in both Palestine and internationally to read the views and publications of suppressed individuals, organizations and parties there, as well as comments from other countries in support of the Palestinian people. And for this reason alone we are making copies available of as many rare or suppressed documents as we can on this site.