Norway - Suppressed or Restricted Information

      Norway is a bourgeois democratic country, and one which has wider freedoms of speech and of the press than a great many countries of the world. Nevertheless, the media is almost entirely owned and controlled by the capitalist class, and, because of this, information about people’s struggles and revolutionary groups is still generally very difficult to come by. Even information which is not legally suppressed can still be mostly suppressed via the normal functioning of the capitalist economic system.

      We at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET oppose the suppression of news and information whether it is done through force or through economics. There can be no true democracy or freedom where only the ideas acceptable to the exploiting ruling class are allowed to reach the people. On this site we will do what we can to make available news and documents which are mostly unknown to the people of Norway and the rest of the world.

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Revolutionary Communists – [Revolusjonære Kommunister] (RK for short)
Founded in 2021 as a regroupment of Maoist cadre with backgrounds in various Communist and left-wing organizations. Its stated goal is to prepare the founding of a new Communist party in Norway based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. It has a website at: with articles in Norwegian, English and other languages.

Serve the People – Communist League of Norway [Tjen folket – kommunistisk forbund] [Most of the documents of this group have been difficult for us to post because of the technical format in which we received them.]

Other Parties and Sources