[From The Worker, #5, October 1999.]




On the 13th December 1998 a historic rally was held in front of Nepalese Embassy in N. Delhi under the banner of 'Solidarity Forum to Support the People's War in Nepal'. It is a first of its kind as various revolutionary Parties, individuals despite their differences in political lines came together to support People's War in Nepal thus showing true international spirit.

People all the way from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari, from Panjab to W. Bengal had come to attend this rally. Women's participation was most significant amongst the 20,000 Indian and Nepalese participants who stole the show by making militant march from Firoz Shah Kotla maidan to Barakhamba road where Nepalese Embassy is situated. The roads were splashed with slogans like 'Long live the unity of Indian and Nepalese People'. Down with Indian Expansionism and Imperialism. The militant rally defied police intervention to divert the scheduled route leading to one hour of road blockade in important road junction. Thus they were forced to toe along the scheduled route leading to Barakhamba road where the rally was converted into a mass meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Chittaranjan Das, the Convener of the Forum, conducted by Kanchan Kumar, a member of the Forum. Padma Ratna Tuladhar, a leading human right activist and ex-labour minister of Nepal was a chief guest at the programme. Speakers from various organisations: Mr. Tara Singh, Mr. Lok Raj, Mr. Ravunni, Mr. Raj Kishore, Mr. Kirpal Singh, Mr. Vervara Rao, Dr. Darshan Pal, Mr. Bamdev Chhetri and Mr. Suresh Aaley Magar spoke. There was unanimity amongst the prominent speakers on the major political question-that the Nepalese masses under the leadership of CPN (Maoist) is also the War of Indian masses, that they along with Nepalese revolutionaries are fighting against the common enemy, the Indian expansionism as well as imperialism. They reminded the audience of the direct Indian military intervention of 1951 to arrest and kill Bhim Datta Panta, a revolutionary leader of Western Nepal and warned the Indian ruling class not to repeat such treacherous act again. They emphasised that the real solidarity with Nepalese revolution would be manifested through developing the People's War in India and defeating Indian expansionism, the main pillar of reaction is South Asia. Guest speakers from Nepal reiterated that Nepalese are not anti-Indians as the Indian ruling class is trying to project but that they firmly opposed the anti-Nepalese activities carried out by the Indian ruling class. While exposing the atrocities let loose by Nepalese government on supporters and activists of CPC (Maoist), they expressed a sense of deep appreciation towards the Indian revolutionaries for organising such a Forum.

A delegation led by the convener handed over a memorandum to the Nepalese Embassy condemning the repression let loose by the Nepalese state. Chittaranjan Das, in his concluding speech called on all revolutionaries and democrats in India to join the Forum and to strengthen it.


Dear Comrades,

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the initiation of the People's War in Nepal we send you our heart-felt revolutionary salute.

Three years ago the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), under the leadership of General Secretary Comrade Prachanda, took the bold and courageous step of calling forth the masses of people to rise up guns in hand against the mountains of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. Since that initial glorious beginning, the revolution has been sinking deeper and deeper roots among the masses of Nepal, especially the poor peasantry. Under the leadership of your Party, the validity of the path of protracted People's War is once again being demonstrated. The correct Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line has grown stronger in the course of combat with all forms of revisionism and opportunism.

Since June 1998 your Party and the revolutionary masses of Nepal have confronted a vicious assault by the armed might of the reactionaries. Hundreds have been martyred. Yet in the face of the enemy terror the revolution continues to advance, incorporating wider and wider sections of the women and men of Nepal and dealing powerful blows to the enemy. We are confident that the masses of Nepal, under the leadership of your Party, will step by step surmount every difficulty. As Mao said, "the road is torturous, the future is bright".

Comrades, the struggle you are waging has importance far beyond the borders of Nepal. The participation of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the concern and assistance given by your Party to the advance of the communist movement in the South Asia region and throughout the world, even at difficult moments in your struggle, inspire us. The Committee of RIM and the CPN (M) will continue to march forward as in the past-united by our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and determined to accelerate the development of the world proletarian revolution.

Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

1 February 1998


Dear comrades:

Please accept our warmest revolutionary communist greetings on the occasion of the third anniversary of the initiation of the heroic People's War in Nepal. On this occasion we send our red salutes to Comrade Prachanda, the General Secretary of the CC of the CPN (Maoist), to the Central Committee and all comrades and fighters of the Party and the People's War. Along with you we commemorate the comrades who in this PW have laid down their lives for the cause of revolution in Nepal and world proletarian revolution. We send our heartfelt greetings to our class brothers and sisters in Nepal who have been carrying forward this People's War in the midst of hardship and difficulties. We proudly claim this People's War as our own and stand firm in its support till the end, until it seizes countrywide power for the proletariat and people and sweeps away the scourge of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism from the face of Nepal.

We Maoists of Iran have learnt a lot of lessons from this People's War of Nepal. These lessons and the strong spirit that it has given to us is an immense internationalist support to the revolutionary work that we are carrying out with the akin of forming a Maoist Party in Iran and initiating a People's War against the reactionary Islamic Republic of Iran. Twenty years ago the People of Iran carried out a revolutionary struggle and toppled the hated reactionary regime of the Shah. But an equally reactionary regime called the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the consent of the imperialist powers, rode on the backs of the people to the seat of power and replaced the previous regime. The Islamic Republic, like the Shah, from the beginning represented the same reactionary class interests: the interests of imperialism and the comprador-feudal classes in Iran. In order to crush revolution and consolidate its rule it carried out a bloody suppression campaign against the revolutionary communists and other revolutionaries against wonens who had risen up to break their chains and to serve revolution, against the workers, against the peasants and against the oppressed nations and revolutionary intellectuals. All of this bitter experience can briefly be summed up like this: without political power all is illusion and without a people's army the people have nothing. In order to have an all-the-way victorious revolution the proletariat and peoples in every country most of all need a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist party with a correct line which alone can represent the immediate and long term interests of the proletariat and the people; which alone can initiate People's Wars and lead the people through the inevitable twists and turns and complexities of revolution to complete seizure of power for building a new society and advancing the world proletarian revolution until the imperialists and reactionaries are wiped out everywhere on earth and we finally can build communism in the world.

Long Live the People's War in Nepal!

Long Live the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long Live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!

Support the People's War in Nepal Raise fists against the brutal repression by the reactionary Nepalese ruling class of the struggle of our Nepalese sisters and brothers!

Resist all types of Indian Expansionist Intervention against the People's War in Nepal!

Down with Imperialism and its conspiracy against the heroic People's War in Nepal!

Leading Committee of the Union of Communists of Iran (Sarbedaran)
March 1999


The capture of Comrade Feliciano (Oscar Ramirez Durand) is painful for the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, and for all the world's Maoists, revolutionaries and progressive people.

After the arrest of Communist Party of Peru Chairman Gonzalo in 1992, Comrade Feliciano assumed the responsibility of leading the Central Committee of the PCP through this 'bend in the road'. Since then the PCP has never faltered in continuing the People's War, showing the highest courage and determination in the face of the enemy, which has mounted repeated intensive military campaigns against the People's Liberation Army. The Party has also persevered despite the Right Opportunist Line that emerged from among the Party's ranks which insists that the war be abandoned in the face of hard blows. This would have meant abandoning the masses of people of Peru, who have always been the source of the Party's strength and its ability to overcome twists and turns. It would have also meant abandoning the cause of exploited and oppressed of the whole world. It has been the PCP Central Committee's steadfastness and grasp of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that has enabled it to find the ways to continue to draw on the strength of the people and persist in leading the People's War.

At this difficult moment for the revolution in Peru, it continues to be of vital importance for our cause to draw on the strength of the people in every country possible in support of the People's War in Peru. We call on all those who can be united to oppose the criminal Fujimori regime that has committed so many atrocities against the people and the revolutionaries, including holding Chairman Gonzalo in total isolation for nearly seven years, and to support the resistance of the heroic prisoners of war who are holding out against torture, abuse, horrendous conditions and other forms of pressure to force them to make peace with the U.S. backed regime. At this time, it is particularly important to oppose the Fujimori regime's efforts to submit Comrade Feliciano to such treatment.

Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement 15 July 1999

for more information, contact: BCM RlM / London WCIN 3XX /UK .