Edited and published by: International Department, Central Committee, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist),    | No 17, July 2007 |



Solidarity With Nepalese Revolution

--Com. Basant

Development of people's revolution in Nepal, which is at the doorstep of seizing central power, has strongly drawn attention of the whole world. On the one hand, the reactionaries of all hues, mainly the US imperialism and the Hindu fundamentalists in India, are doing all they can to sabotage this process before it gives birth to a New Nepal, free from feudalism and imperialism. And, on the other, it has drawn up the working class and the oppressed masses the world over closer than ever before to the struggling Nepalese people, who are desperately waiting to see it happen soon. Furthermore, their deep concern and awareness on how they can play a role to defend Nepalese revolution from external threats is very much inspiring.

Within a few months in the past, there have been various interactive programs, indoor and outdoor, in different parts of the world. Of them, given the geo-political location of Nepal the programs that were organised in India, on the challenges and possibilities facing the Nepalese revolution, do have far-reaching significance. Be it outdoor programs organised in different 17 cities and participated by party activists, and revolutionary and just-loving masses or be it 27 indoor programs held in presence of party leaders from various revolutionary, left and democratic parties and intellectuals all over India has, in deed, revealed how serious and resolute they are on their internationalist duty to defend the revolution in Nepal.

Although it was not possible to get in touch with all of the like-minded parties and intellectuals, what has revealed from these programs is that a good majority of left force in India is very much inspired from the development of revolution in Nepal and is thirsty of its success. They have a deep realisation that given the reactionary Nehru Doctrine, which considers Nepal under its protectorate, and India-locked geographic condition of Nepal it is largely the Indian people who can extend an important helping hand for the success, sustenance and development of Democratic Revolution in Nepal, till the same has been accomplished in India.

Whoever was met with had basically a firm common opinion that the future of revolution in Nepal is basically dependent on how strongly and thoroughly the revolutionary and democratic forces in India develop solidarity movement with it. And their untiring effort to materialise it is really enthusiastic. It is a very good thing for Nepalese revolution. Truly, it has further encouraged the Nepalese people, struggling in their mission to build a new Nepal in the beginning of the twenty-first century.