Edited and published by: International Department, Central Committee, Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist),    | No 17, July 2007 |




An indispensable Mass Movement

The successful completion of the Fifth historic Expanded Meeting of CPI (Maoist) is of tremendous importance in different many ways. Right before the meeting, the political situation in Nepal was passing through a strange state. Apparently it was seen that the basis of unity of seven- party alliance and C P N (Maoist) was sliding down and the old basis of unity between the force leading a tremendously significant People’s Revolution and its alliance partners of the Mass Movement-2 was far from relevant. Every passing day the political situation was heading to further confounding, ambiguous and indistinct state. So the revolutionaries in Nepal were anxious about the further development of the political events pressing forward. But obvious solution was not at the sight. The Expanded Meeting (E. M.) of the Central Committee enabled itself to provide an accurate solution of all confronting problems within and outside the party.

Right before the E.M. Nepalese and international press exaggerated dissimilar opinions expressed by different leaders. It caused wide spread fear and disappointment among the revolutionary ranks and the masses that the party which was only the ray of hope was at the verge of split. On the other hand there was tremendous optimism among the reactionaries and opportunists at home and abroad that the Maoist party would split into two or three and they would create another example of terminating most advanced revolutionary movement of the present day world by “peaceful means”. But it turned opposite.

Thus the Fifth E. M. of C P N (Moist) proved to be a turning point in the entire history of the revolutionary movement of Nepal and that of C P N (Maoist). This E M, in which there was presence of 2174 delegates representing the district secretariat members and above from all regions and leadership of various front organizations was the biggest in the entire history of the communist movement of Nepal. Divided in 47 groups the delegates exercising full internal democracy came heavily to criticize the mistakes of the past for which main responsibility went to the leadership. The E .M. in a true communist spirit passed a 24 page long document presented by Chairman Com. Prachanda on behalf of the Central Committee of the C P N (Maoist) with various amendments unanimously and with tremendous applaud. The E M unified the party in a new political line and new level of unity was thus achieved which was unprecedented

Based on the decision of the E M the CC meeting held immediately after that took the decision that the party forging alliance with the like minded parties and the forces would launch a mass movement to fulfill the urgent demands of the people and for the pre-requisites required to create essential condition for the forth coming election of the constituent assembly. In an open interaction programme held recently in Kathmandu Chairman Com. Prachanda candidly explained the necessity of fulfilling the 22 points demands which were essential for the sake of holding the forth coming election of the constituent assembly.

Some people are deliberately trying to misinterpret the mass movement proposed by our party that its intention is nothing but to disrupt the forth coming election. It is an established fact that the election of constituent assembly was the agenda of our party and now it has become the agenda of nation. So, why would our party disrupt the election of constituent assembly to sabotage its own agenda? But it is our well thought out and unanimous opinion of the E M that the 22 points demands should be fulfilled immediately to create conducive atmosphere for the election.

The king which is actively conspiring and operating to sabotage the whole peace process including the election hand in globe with its foreign masters has been given free hand. So we strongly feel and it has been proven repeatedly by many events that unless and until republic is declared there is no possibility of a proper election. The people of Madhesh, indigenous and tribal people, dalits, women etc are all demanding that there should be proportional mode of election to ensure the election to be really representative. They are already in the struggle and have declared that if the election would not be held in proportional method they would boycott the election. In such circumstances, we have precisely formulated the slogan of ‘round table conference, announcement of the republic and proportional election’. Since the interim government did not show even the least interest in organizing the round table conference, our party has already taken initiative.

Therefore, the mass movement proposed by our party is categorically not intended to negate the forth coming election of the constituent assembly, but really aimed at holding the election in such a way that it will truly be a representative election in which the people of Nepal can participate fully and express their desire in proper way, which can only pave the way for new, prosperous and peaceful Nepal.