A WORLD TO WIN    #30   (2004)


Fifth South Asia Regional Conference of RIM Parties and Organisations

The Fifth South Asia Regional Conference of the Parties and Organisations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement was victoriously concluded in July 2003. The Regional Conference was historic for many reasons. Firstly, it was held in a world situation of turmoil and turbulence rarely seen in history. On the one hand, the US-led imperialists are waging an aggressive, military, political and hegemonistic offensive against the people of the world and, on the other hand, they are meeting with stiff resistance from the people throughout the world, including in the very citadels of imperialism. The struggles armed and unarmed, spearheaded by the Maoist-led protracted people's wars in Nepal, Peru, India, Philippines and Turkey, are indicative of the emerging new wave of world proletarian revolution. This trend is also manifested in the intensifying struggles of the countries of South Asia such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. Secondly, for the first time the Regional Conference was held in a red area, a guerrilla zone located in the Bihar-Chattisgarh-Orissa-Jharkhand Special Area in India. It was held in a warm and conducive atmosphere protected by a company of the newly formed People's Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) led by the Maoist Communist Centre India. Thirdly, it took place when the People's War in Nepal is advancing to new heights and transforming the country into a bastion of the world proletarian revolution. Fourthly, the MCCI, whose recent participation in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) has greatly strengthened our Movement in South Asia, attended a Regional Conference for the first time.

The Conference was called and led by the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and both full and candidate participants of RIM from the region participated. Vigorous and spirited discussion took place on all of the points on the agenda.

All comrades were united on an understanding of the crucial importance of the developments in the international situation that we are experiencing in a concentrated way since 11 September 2001. As our Movement has stressed, it is a period of both great dangers and great opportunities. The concrete significance of this is that our Movement can and must struggle even harder to transform these possibilities into real leaps forward in our work and to help the emerging new wave of world proletarian revolution to develop more quickly, more powerfully and under the leadership of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

Here in South Asia we have a great responsibility. Now is the time to seize the importance of the hour and redouble our efforts. A leap forward in the revolutionary struggle in this region will go a long way in transforming South Asia into a bright red base area for the world proletarian revolution. The objective situation serves as the stage on which we must act, but we are not passive marionettes, we can and must give full play to what Mao called "man's conscious dynamic role" in unfolding the great drama of revolution, and in this way "hasten and await" further favourable developments in the international situation.

In addition to demonstrating the relatively high level of common understanding that exists, the discussion of the international situation also showed that our parties and organisations need to pay serious attention to further understanding and debating the underlying laws through which imperialism is heading toward its doom. Through this process our unity will become still higher and more solid.

The comrades from Nepal presented a vivid picture of earth shaking advances of the People's War, which have threatened not only the Nepalese ruling class but also Indian expansionism and US imperialism. The parties and organisations participating in the Regional Conference resolved to fulfil their internationalist duty to develop a powerful mass movement against any direct or indirect military intervention against the People's War led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) under the leadership of Comrade Prachanda. The Regional Conference endorsed the slogan "Hands off Nepal!" and called on the revolutionary masses of the world to "look to the Himalayas, a better world's in birth!"

The Regional Conference thoroughly discussed the on-going struggle to forge a united single vanguard party in India, based on a correct Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line and united in RIM. In this light the Conference hailed the growing wind of unity of the Maoist forces in India, especially the unity process proceeding between the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (People's War) and the Maoist Communist Centre India, both of which have been waging protracted people's war for many years, defying and resisting the enemy onslaughts. The Regional Conference expressed confidence that the united party will concentrate and raise to a still higher level the experience, understanding and energy of the communist revolutionaries in India now working separately. The formation of such a party will lead to a new stage of the People's War in India and give a further impulsion to the revolutionary struggle the world over.

The Regional Conference denounces the increasing military co-operation between the US and the reactionary regimes of the region, especially efforts to set up bases and sinister plans to utilise the reactionary armies of this region in the service of US imperialist aggression and occupation in West Asia and elsewhere.

The Regional Conference hailed the importance and timely formation of the Co-ordinating Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA). The Regional Conference hailed the formation of the Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist). The Regional Conference discussed the problems of the Maoist movement in Bangladesh and called upon the comrades of that country to redouble their efforts to forge a unified single party on the basis of a correct Marxist-Leninist-Maoist line. The Regional Conference supported efforts to strengthen the World People's Resistance Movement in South Asia.

The Regional Conference began with the hoisting of the red flag. The martyrs of the world proletarian revolution in South Asia and all countries were commemorated by garlanding a memorial column and observing two minutes of silence. The sessions were held in the specially constructed Yenan Hall beautifully decorated with slogans and illustrations reflecting the solemn tasks and political orientation of the Conference. At the front of the hall were portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin Stalin and Mao and a large representation of the RIM symbol of the world breaking free from its chains. Citations were "The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win." "Working men of all countries, unite!" (Communist Manifesto). "There is one, and only one, kind of real internationalism, and that is - working whole-heartedly for the development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one's own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid) this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception" (Lenin). "& Proletarian internationalism demands, first, that the interests of the proletarian struggle in any one country should be subordinated to the interests of that struggle on a world-wide scale, and, second, that a nation which is achieving victory over the bourgeoisie should be able and willing to make the greatest national sacrifices for the overthrow of international capital" (Lenin). And "The seizure of power by armed force, the settlement of the issue by war, is the central task and the highest form of revolution. This Marxist-Leninist principle of revolution holds good universally, for China and for all other countries" (Mao). A revolutionary cultural team performed a spirited program in many languages in honour of the conference, in which the delegates joined singing songs in their languages.

As comrades dispersed to their respective trenches of combat the fighters of the PLGA and revolutionary masses gave an inspiring send-off to the delegates.

Down with the US Imperialist Onslaught Against the Peoples of the World!

Hail the Emerging New Tide of World Proletarian Revolution!

Down with Revisionism!

Transform South Asia into a Bright Red Base Area of the World Proletarian Revolution!

Long Live People's War in Nepal, India, Peru, Philippines and Turkey!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long Live the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement!

* Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Naxalbari), CPI (ML) (NB)

* Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), CPN (Maoist)

* Maoist Communist Centre India, MCCI

* Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla Central Committee, PBSP CC

* Proletarian Party of Purbo Bangla Maobadi Punargathan Kendro, PBSM MPK

* Revolutionary Communist Centre of India (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist), RCCI (MLM)

* Bangladesher Samyobadi Dal (Marxist-Leninist), BSD (ML)

* Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM), CPB(MLM)