A WORLD TO WIN    #30   (2004)


Empire in Turmoil, People in Motion

In the two years since the US imperialists launched their campaign to make the twenty-first century the "new American century", they have dramatically escalated military spending, positioned tens of thousands of troops in a dozen new countries, invaded and occupied Afghanistan and intensified repression at home and around the world. In Iraq, the US carried out its most savage war since Vietnam. 150,000 US and British troops now occupy Iraq. This section of AWTW on Empire in Turmoil, People in Motion contains an analysis of US policy that not only strips away imperialist rhetoric to reveal their real agenda, but also shows how the same compulsions that have launched the imperialists on their grab for unprecedented power are also awakening millions to political life and creating more favourable conditions for revolution. Another article examines the particular situation of Turkey and Kurdistan in the cauldron of war, and warns that by linking up with the imperialist war machine in an effort to get a share of the spoils of war, what some nationalist leaders are advancing is not national liberation but national capitulation. The world’s Marxist-Leninist-Maoist forces must seize on the boiling anger at the imperialists’ crimes and advance the revolutionary cause amidst the intensifying swirl of contradictions. A document from the RIM Committee, originally an internal circular letter to RIM parties and organisations, calls on the communists to grasp the full impact of the moment and act upon it.