A WORLD TO WIN    #28   (2002)



America’s Global Rampage and the
People’s Resistance

The US imperialists’ unprecedented bid for global hegemony – “one world, one empire” – poses the challenge to advance amidst intensifying repression and war to lead the people of the world to meet new dangers and seize the new opportunities that are bound to emerge for equally unprecedented advances in world revolution. A special section examines the initial phase in this war waged in Afghanistan.

Palestine on the Front Line

Israeli armour has come up against an unyielding force: the spirit of the Palestinian people. How the Second Intifada arose from the collapse of the Oslo peace accords. What are the obstacles to advancing the Palestinian struggle to a higher stage

Islam: Ideology and Tool of the
Exploiting Classes

An examination of the role that Islam has played as a political force in the world and the factors underlying its rise in recent decades. The Islamic political movements, far from being a major threat to the existence of imperialism, have held back the national liberation struggles and the broader struggle for social revolution.

Maoism versus Opportunism in Turkey

A polemic by the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement analyses how one of the centres of the Communist Party of Turkey Marxist-Leninist has failed to grasp the decisive importance of Maoism for developing and applying a correct political line to lead the revolution in Turkey.

America's Global Rampage and the People's Resistance

Oppose Bush's "Anti-Terrorist" Crusade against the World's People!

The US' Savage War of Vengeance against the People of Afghanistan

A History of the Imperialist
"Great Game"

CPA Chairman on the Responsibilities of the Maoists

International Women's Day RIM Statement: Tear Off Every Veil of Oppression!

Afghan Communists Analyse
the Loya Jirga

Worldwide the People Resist...

Excerpts of Statements by RIM Parties and

The "Homeland Front" in the "War on Terrorism"

Build the World People's Resistance Movement!   [PDF: 105 KB]

On the Front Line

Dramatic Advances in the People's War

Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!

Long Live Red May First!

Maoism versus Opportunism in Turkey – Letter to the Communist Party of Turkey/

New Participants of RIM:   [PDF: 138 KB]
the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) (Naxalbari)
and the Maoist Communist Centre

Ideology and Tool of the Exploiting Classes