A WORLD TO WIN    #26   (2000)

Resolutions of the Fourth Regional Conference of RIM South Asian Parties and Organisations

• Resolution on People's War in Peru

Basing ourselves on the principles of proletarian internationalism, this Regional Conference of South Asian Parties and Organisations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement reaffirms its determination to further unite resolutely with the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) and the People's War led by it.

The People's War in Peru, led by the Communist Party of Peru (PCP), is a glorious event of paramount importance for the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and international communist movement as a whole. In the South Asian region the People's War in Peru has intensified the beacon of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, helping to illuminate the road to liberation for the teeming millions of this subcontinent. We strongly uphold and hail this magnificent chapter of proletarian revolutionary struggle as we have from the beginning, more determined than ever to continue to learn precious lessons from the People's War in Peru to help prepare, initiate and advance people's war in our countries and others throughout the globe.

The Communist Party of Peru is struggling to overcome the "bend in the road" caused by the arrest of the Chairman and outstanding leader of the PCP, Comrade Gonzalo, by the US imperialist puppet regime of Fujimori. The genocidal regime has kept Chairman Gonzalo in isolation since 1992. In recent months, the Party and the People's War have faced another blow with the arrest of Comrade Feliciano, who has led the Party and the People's War during the "bend in the road". We strongly and resolutely stand together with the PCP and the revolutionary masses of Peru in the fight to break the isolation and produce Comrade Gonzalo in public and to defend the lives of Chairman Gonzalo and Comrade Feliciano. We also once again express our support to the struggle of the PCP Central Committee against the capitulationist Right Opportunist Line of seeking a peace accord with the reactionary regime.

We express our solidarity with the PCP, all the fighters and the heroic people of Peru in their efforts to advance the People's War toward final victory. Once again we hail the active presence of the PCP in RIM and are confident that the PCP will continue to play its positive role in the coming period as it has in the past in contributing to the heightened unity and further development of our Movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The comrades and revolutionary people of Peru can be sure of the great reservoir of solidarity and support that lies in the communist revolutionaries and class-conscious fighters of the South Asian region. We again renew our pledge to march shoulder to shoulder with our Peruvian comrades, united by our common participation in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and our common ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

• Resolution on the arrest of Comrade Feliciano

The Regional Conference of South Asian Parties and Organisations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement denounces the arrest and sentence of life imprisonment meted out to Comrade Feliciano (Oscar Ramirez Durand), leader of the Communist Party of Peru and the leader of the People's War of Peru. This cowardly trial conducted in secret by hooded judges reflects the reactionary anti-people character of the Fujimori regime and its US imperialist masters.

Comrade Feliciano assumed the responsibility of leading the Central Committee of the PCP in continuing the People's War through the "bend in the road" resulting from the arrest of PCP Chairman Com. Gonzalo in 1992. In that crucial moment Com. Feliciano, by showing the highest courage and determination in the face of the enemy, bravely led the People's War of Peru despite massive military campaigns against the People's Liberation Army. Under Com. Feliciano's leadership the PCP has combated the Right Opportunist Line which seeks to abandon the People's War in the face of hard blows.

Despite the arrest and sentence of Comrade Feliciano, the People's War in Peru is continuing in the face of the severe and brutal suppression of the bloody Peruvian regime. The continuing People's War is a beacon of light for the whole fighting revolutionary people of Peru, pointing the way forward to liberation.

At this moment of both difficulty and courageous determination, the South Asian Parties and Organisations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement call upon all the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, revolutionary, anti-imperialist and progressive forces and people to stand united to protest the life sentence of Com. Feliciano, to defend his life and demand that he be allowed visits and other rights normally accorded prisoners of war. This is all the more important given the criminal and barbaric record of the Fujimori regime, including holding Chairman Gonzalo in isolation for almost seven years.

The Regional Conference also calls upon all revolutionary forces of the South Asian region to support the continuing People's War of Peru under the leadership of the Central Committee of the PCP.

• Resolution on State Suppression in the South Asian Countries

In South Asia an important part of the world's population is suffering under the yoke of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism. In order to enforce this exploitation and oppression, the reactionary ruling classes of the countries of South Asia are conducting savage and barbarous repression against the revolutionary fighters and broad masses of this region.

The stooges of imperialism in Nepal, the feudal, bureaucrat-comprador ruling classes in collaboration with US imperialism, Indian expansionism, and aided by the hated Israel and Peru, have unleashed a reign of terror and genocidal repression to stop the glorious People's War of the masses of people of that country. Arrests, tortures, rapes and killings have become the routine work of reactionaries in that country. Recently the reactionaries have escalated this repression to include the practice of secret killings and "disappearances" of revolutionary fighters and other opponents. But none of these barbaric actions can save the reactionaries from their ultimate doom. The People's War in Nepal will inevitably emerge victorious and liberate the toiling masses of that country.

The all-India ruling classes are conducting severe repression and ruthless exploitation against the masses of that country. They have been stepping up terror in the ruling class's futile pursuit to stop the on-going heroic armed revolutionary struggle of Andhra, Bihar and Dandakaranya led by Maoist forces. In particular, hundreds of communist revolutionaries and struggling masses have been murdered in cold blood using the pretext of fake "encounters".

Indian expansionism - this watchdog of imperialism in South Asia - continues to pursue a reactionary policy of drowning in blood the liberation struggle of different nations and nationalities. The Indian ruling classes have imposed a bloody war to stop the struggle of the Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram and other peoples for liberation. Under the pretext of fighting "Pakistan infiltrators", they let loose a reign of killing against the people of Kashmir. Looting, raping and killing are carried out by the reactionary army. India is revealed as a prison-house of nations.

The Sri Lankan reactionary ruling classes are continuing their savage and bloodthirsty military operation against the just struggle of the Tamil people and other revolutionary and democratic forces of the country. Despite the ruling class reign of terror, the heroic struggle of the Tamil people for self-determination has surged ahead.

In recent months the reactionary state machinery in Bangladesh has been conducting a new wave of repression, replete with arrests, torture, extortion of money and the murder of revolutionaries, opponents and masses in that country under the pretext of the so-called suppression of "terrorism". The ultimate purpose of this repression is to uproot the revolutionary movement and solidify the rule of the reactionary classes. But no amount of repression can stop the people's revolutionary struggle.

The ruling classes of Pakistan and their succession of autocratic regimes have been widely and justly notorious for their reactionary nature and their suppression of the peoples of that country. Recently they have again resorted to open military rule.

In a word, the whole of the South Asia region has become a torture chamber for the masses. The heroic peoples of this important region of the world have been conducting powerful armed and mass struggles, including the Maoist People's War in Nepal. The Regional Conference of South Asian Parties and Organisations united in RIM condemn all the reactionary repression against the masses and call upon the revolutionary people of the region to step up their struggle for liberation and make South Asia a graveyard for the reactionaries and their imperialist masters. The reactionaries in this region are ridden with innumerable conflicts between themselves. In spite of that they are united and collaborate with one another against the masses.

People of the South Asia region, get united, fight shoulder to shoulder with your sisters and brothers to advance the cause of your liberation. You are not alone. The people of the whole world are with you!

• Resolution on the People's War in Nepal

On 13th February 1996, the People's War in Nepal was initiated under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. This glorious People's War has turned a backward Nepal into an advanced outpost of proletarian revolutionary struggle. The leader of the People's War of Nepal, the CPN (Maoist) led by Comrade Prachanda, is a participant in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, which further increases our responsibility and determination to learn from and defend it.

Since its initiation the People's War in Nepal has been advancing through leaps and bounds. It has begun the process of establishing the people's power by overthrowing the reactionary rule of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism.

The on-going People's War in Nepal is a glorious event not only in South Asia but also for the whole international communist movement. Coming after the defeat of the revolution in China and following on the achievements of the People's War in Peru, the People's War in Nepal is a thunderous call to the people of the East and another blow to the slanders of the reactionaries that "Marxism is dead".

To destroy the People's War and the newly emerging people's power in Nepal, imperialism, Indian expansionism and the Nepalese reactionary ruling classes are widely attacking it in every way. But our sisters and brothers in Nepal are resisting this brutal oppression, exposing the deception of the revisionists and opportunists, making tremendous sacrifices and facing martyrdom on a large scale to advance the cause of liberation.

The Regional Conference of the South Asian Parties and Organisations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement is calling on all Maoist, anti-imperialist, democratic and progressive forces to rally behind the People's War in Nepal and develop a powerful movement in solidarity with the People's War in Nepal.

Ceylon Communist Party (Maoist)
Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist) [BSD (ML)]
Communist Party of India
(Marxist-Leninist) Naxalbari
[CPI (ML) Naxalbari]
Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)
Proletarian Party of Purba Bangla [PBSP] [Bangladesh]
Revolutionary Communist Centre of India (Maoist) [RCCI (M)]
Revolutionary Communist Centre of India (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) [RCCI (MLM)]