A WORLD TO WIN    #23   (1998)


Readers Write...

One of the key activities that needs to be stepped up by the world̓s Maoist foces is the dissemination of revolutionary literature. The following letters from readers of A World to Win around the world testify to the indispensable role this magazine plays in fanning the flames of revolution that burn in the hearts of the oppressed. Send in your contributions today to AWTW to support the more frequent publication of the magazine, in more languages, and to make it available in more places around the world that want and need it.

Make your cheques and money orders payable to A World to Win and send them to A World to Win, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX, UK.

From a reader in Poland

Thank you for a hot letter. We are on the same side of the barricades in the fight against imperialism, reaction and from myself – democracy.

I̓m impressed by RIM̓s success in uniting the Maoist groups around the world. My congratulations!

As an anarchist, I am sympathetic to the Maoist revolutionary ethos (spirit) and the Maoist belief in the possibility of the human cause.

If it is a possibility can you write to me the details about RIM̓s relationship with the revolution in Peru and the PCP, and about your opinion of Sendero Luminoso....

I want to cooperate with and participate in RIM.

From a reader in Nepal

Warm greetings.

I am very happy to write to you my personal opinions about your highly famous magazine A World To Win.

I think your magazine has existed as a milestone, for the evil forces in society, and has been a light in the clouded world. It has helped to weed out the dirt and filth in society. The articles which are presented in your magazine are highly intellectual and philosophical as well as scientific and sane. It helps us to sharpen our knowledge about the social activities of day-to-day events. One vital role of the articles in the magazine is that they help the readers identify the social parasites which are really serpents in the garden making impure, luxurious and incestuous works for their own benefit. Your magazine helps to give the knowledge of how to liquidate social evils. I am an especially strong Marxist-Leninist supporter and I hate the hell of capitalism and its negative role in power. I strongly oppose any type of exploitation through the wind of capitalism and imperialism.

I hope we win the last victory all over the world because Marxism is a non-challengable philosophy which will emerge victoriously over capitalism in one after another [country] all over the world. Your magazine has been the mouthpiece of the proletariat.

When I got your magazine A World To Win 1995/20, I read all its chapters thoroughly. I was very impressed by the articles so I have written you such a letter so I hope you will take it positively. My village is very remote with hillside areas where we hardly get magazines like it.

If you continue to send me your magazine, it will help me to gain knowledge about the world̓s communist movement and help convince people [of the necessity] of the progress of our communist movement. The news media plays an important role in society. In our country such types and standard of Marxist magazine are rarely found....

That̓s why I heartily request you to send the A World To Win with your comment on my letter.

Thank you.

From a reader in a US prison

My name is X. I'm presently incarcerated. I'm serving time in X federal penitentiary. I've always been concerned with and about poor people. I believe everybody should have food, clothing, education, etc., and that nobody should suffer. I would like to know how can I help RIM? How can I become a member, or assist in any way. Can you please send me information about RIM. Thank you.

From a reader in the Philippines

I would like to deeply thank you for your short letter.

I would like to mention that we need both moral and material supports in our hard and protracted battle against US imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism which are ruling tyrannically and exploitatively in our impoverished country.

The moral or political support is the promotion of the justness and humaneness of the national democratic revolution in the Philippines which is being led by the Communist Party of the Philippines.

...My revolutionary spirit just keeps growing as my understanding of revolution widens. I think all I need is to do practical actions to complete my communist baptism. I hope you will be of help to me in this regard.

I have also received a newsletter from RIM Let Red May Day 1997 Thunder Around The World!

With regard to the article Reply to Liwanag: The CPP and the False Friend of the Filipino Revolution, I firmly agree with the analysis of RIM that soliciting aid from revisionist parties and organizations is erroneous, which leads nowhere but to the domain of political opportunism and is indeed contradictory to the CPP̓s professed adherence to the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist principles.

However, since 1988 many things have changed. Revisionist parties in Eastern Europe were knocked out from power. A document by Armando Liwanag entitled Reaffirm Our Basic Principles and Rectify Errors has become the new guiding light of the Philippine Revolution. Even though this has caused a split within the Party, the rectification movement is, in my best opinion, the correct measure to purify the re-established Communist Party of the Philippines in the ideological front. Thank you.

May the Revolutionary “Spirit” Guide us Always!

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

There is No Such Thing as Proletarian Nationalism!

Welcome to the Philippine Revolution!

Long Live the CPP!

Long Live RIM!

Rebel to the End!


From a reader in Mexico

Dear Comrades,

I am a Mexican student and like yourselves I strongly oppose the bloody oppressive system headed by Yanqui imperialism that has continually bled my country and the world. For this reason I am with you comrades in the struggle to end this monster called capitalism.

The pro-US rulers in Mexico say that democracy, social justice, stability and happiness exist for everyone. This is a great falsity because as they hand over more and more of the country to Yanqui imperialism via the TLC and privatizations, we as a people suffer more and more the ruins of a crisis in every aspect. Political and military repression is the order of the day against anyone who resists. They violate our most fundamental rights such as the right to work, education, housing, land and they do not respect the culture of our indigenous brothers and sisters, never leaving aside aside the corruption that swarms through the system.

As a student of social work I think that the students and professional colleagues should take up the class struggle in our country together and make our flag the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism so that we no longer serve the oppressor class but instead take up our historical task of participating in the revolutionary transformation of the society to be able to transform and give a new context to social work and cast aside the bourgeois weight that holds back our evolution towards the objective that should be to serve the people wholeheartedly and fight on by their side, to make their historical claims, with arms in hand, ready to give our lives for the cause of the revolution.

Also I would like to tell you that I have read with great interest different editions of your journal which is for me the light pointing towards the way we think, I continue to pay attention to the events in the world and above all the heroic People̓s War in Per which I support wholeheartedly, as well as all the just struggles which are developing in all the world....

On this day I would like to make a revolutionary homage to all the student and worker comrades who fell on 2 October 1968 to the murderous bullets of the PRI Government and the Yanqui Imperialists as the brains behind it, and who fought for the ideals of the revolutionary proletariat: THE REVOLUTION WILL REVENGE THE BLOOD OF OUR COMRADES WHO FELL IN COMBAT!

Lastly I send a revolutionary greeting to all of you from this trench and to struggle together to advance the fight.

Long Live Maoism! Down with Imperialism!

Death to Imperialism! Revolution Yes! Farce No!

Long Live the People̓s War in Peru!

Save the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!

From a reader in Europe

Dear Comrades! Accept our comradely salutes!

Yesterday, for the first time, I saw a copy of the revolutionary journal A World to Win (Jahani Barayeh Fath) at a friend̓s in another city. It was issue 21. First I was delighted that our comrades have such a journal on an international level and then I was disappointed for having missed out on such a journal that is for our class, the working class.

When I saw the cover I felt I am hearing the liberating roar of the guns of the “Shining Path”. I imagined the world trembling, and with every moment passing, this calm before the storm that is hanging over Europe is becoming impregnated with the spectre that is flying over each factory and farm. It will not be long before the storm of revolution will arrive and burn away imperialism and international capital.

My son, who is sixteen and still vividly remembers the Afghan national war of resistance against Soviet social-imperialist aggressors asked me to frame the cover of the journal, but my daughter who is 14 protested as she wanted the cover framed for herself. She claimed that the people of the Shining Path are the only people who are working towards liberating women from all historical, religious and sexual oppression; so she is the one who deserves this cover. My son said that after finishing his studies he will go fighting in the barricades with his comrades and so he is the one who should get that photo. Their mother said no, I will frame the picture myself and will hang it in the sitting room.

I told all three of them that I will ask comrades to send 3 copies of this picture, preferably in poster form, and will also subscribe to the journal.

Comrades! My family and I want to subscribe to this journal that belongs to our class and reflects the genuine goals of our class.

Finally, I shake your hands. Please convey my communist greetings to the comrades of other countries. We firmly believe that the final victory is ours and the time is pregnant with revolution.

From a reader in South Africa (Azania)

Dear Friends,

I am sending my cordial greetings over to you.

Here in Azania the situation is so complex with the contradiction between an oppressed nation vis-à-vis imperialism.... The ruling racist class in cahoots with Western imperialism never tried to conceal their naked repression of the masses in the struggle to obtain genuine liberation.

It should be noted that Western imperialism opted for negotiations between the formerly banned ANC and their surrogates in Azania. But out of this much publicized turnaround of the racist regime, the masses paid in their own blood.

It was due to an absence of a truly Marxist-Leninist-Maoist vanguard party to lead the struggling masses to even greater heights in the struggle for self-determination. Nowadays it̓s not strange in this country to hear or read a lot of nonsense about our newly found democracy. The majority of the Black masses lack proper housing, sanitation, jobs, etc. They are still bing exploited by the capitalist class which refuses to grant a 40-hour working week, six-month maternity leave for expectant mothers. On the labour front, COSATU (an ANC-allied trade union) has been bargaining with the capitalist class for the basic demands of workers. In the countryside the rural masses are hungry for their land — the Boer farmers are evicting families whose sole livelihood is employment as farm labourers. The ANC-led government has passed laws that grant pieces of land only to those families whose land was appropriated by white settlers after 1913. This is basically not a Maoist solution to the land question. Mao was correct when he stated that the New Democratic Revolution paves the way for indigenous capitalism, but it opens up news ways for socialism, and to confiscate the property of imperialism, the capitalist and the landlord classes.

As stated in AWTW no 20 what we have witnessed is the changing of the old guard by Mandela and Co.

I would like to get past issues of AWTW and also your latest publications.

From a reader in Europe

Yesterday I received your package. Thank you for sending it so quickly. With respect to the questions that you have asked me I will begin with the issues of A World to Win that I have read and found very interesting, above all the articles in which you refer to political theory without leaving aside your economic analysis. One of the factors that I want to emphasize is that this magazine has enabled me to learn about certain Maoist theses. About the situation here I will attempt to answer your question in a more extensive way.

I learnt about Maoism in this country because in mine (Chile) the left has always been dominated by pro-Soviet revisionism. What most damaged the party here was accepting the “Three Worlds Theory” and passing it off as Maoism. There exists a pamphlet with this theory that is supposedly signed by Mao, not only did they accept that this is true they went even further to affirm that it is correct. This led many communists to break with the party and also with Maoism because they could not accept this opportunist and reactionary lie. I have lived in this country for nearly ten years, and I also believed that this theory was Mao̓s (the reason why I distanced myself from Maoism). Until I read the Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and I saw that there was nothing reactionary or revisionist in it - on the contrary I could only find Marxism-Leninism in it as it clearly outlines the political line of the true party of the proletariat....