A WORLD TO WIN    #23   (1998)


Worldwise Fundraising Campaign
From One Corner of the World to the Other,
Raise Funds for RIM!

received the following from the Information Bureau of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement is calling on everyone who dreams of doing away with the intolerable social order of today, who dreams of seizing the opportunity and forging the leadership needed to make revolution, or who dreams of a world in which proletarian rule again seizes the day to transform society from top to bottom, to help organize the Worldwide Campaign to Raise Funds for RIM.

A World of Needs

The primary reason for this campaign at the present time is the great need for increased operating funds to carry out the many tasks of RIM. Since its beginning in 1984, the Movement has grown and become stronger through its work. In line with its task to help strengthen and build Maoist parties united in RIM, the Movement has actively spread Marxism-Leninism-Maoism around the world in many ways, not least of all through its literature. It has inspired the publication of the international journal, A World to Win, in several languages: English, Spanish, Farsi and Turkish, with selected translations in Arabic, French, German, Italian and some Indian languages. The magazine provides in-depth reportage and analysis of key issues facing the revolutinary movement today, as well as popularizing the advanced experiences of organizations and parties united in RIM. From Afghani revolutionaries soaking up its contents in Farsi to readers in Mexico and Latin America rushing to get the Spanish edition out on the streets, the journal has built a solid Maoist lifeline linking the struggles of our class across the world. RIM has also regularly intervened through its statements on important international events and battles against imperialism from the outlook of the international proletariat.

 In its unique position as an embryonic political centre of the world̓s Marxist-Leninist-Maoists, the Movement investigates, discusses and wages struggle over the paramount problems that may make the difference in whether or not the oppressed and proletarian masses in a number of countries favourable for revolution have a serious chance to develop genuine MLM leadership and build the organization necessary. In a majority of countries Maoist parties don̓t yet exist, and where they do they must grow stronger. The more the formation of revolutionary Maoist parties is delayed, the more the fruits of the struggle of the masses will not be harvested, or at least will not fully serve the target and goal of liberation.

 Without a strong Movement, the crucial struggles against revisionism that affect the future of the revolutionary movement as a whole could not be waged in the same concentrated way. Most fundamentally, RIM has led the process of struggle over the years to raise the level of political, ideological and organizational unity among Maoists united in RIM themselves, in particular the historic step of adopting Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. RIM has also led numerous different campaigns, from exposing the imperialists and building support for the Communist Party of Peru and the People̓s War it leads, to popularizing the achievements of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

 The existence of an organized centre has made a real difference in the past short fourteen years. One very favourable but demanding result has been to multiply RIM̓s tasks many times. The demand for the Movement to play even more of a role is being echoed throughout the world. This requires money. Funds are needed to spread RIM̓s materials into places they haven̓t reached, to be able to expand the Movement̓s presence and work in places where revolutionaries have not yet had the opportunity to know and work with RIM, and to strengthen the projects and participation of the Movement in the priority areas it has already shouldered.

 Many people are stepping forward to help RIM in various ways — this is an important part of the revolutionary movement relying on the people, its only source of support. It also helps relieve some financial pressures by providing assistance in areas that would otherwise incur expense, like local transport, communications, or food and lodging to visitors, to mention a few everyday examples. But this needs to develop in many ways, in more countries, and this is impossible without a conscious effort to raise money. The international proletariat doesn̓t own any trains, airplanes and printing presses. RIM is able to do a lot with the support of its parties, organizations and supporters, but it needs to accomplish more, much more. In today̓s imperialist world where costs are high, the stakes are higher; but the potential support for revolution and for the revolutionary movement has no limit — and within the bounds of what is possible to raise given our forces, RIM̓s ability to do more can be boosted significantly. It̓s really a question of how well we grasp that and can help others to grasp it.

Training Internationalists

Taking out a fundraising campaign to the revolutionary masses of the different countries provides an excellent way to train them in proletarian internationalism -- what is this Movement and what does it stand for? Why and how does it represent their interests? Why and how is revolution a reflection of Mao's truth -- "we all go to communism, or none will go?" The basic people understand that imperialism and the reactionary states it dominates fit into an international order: the international proletariat's strength against it must be also seen and supported in these stratetic terms. The heritage of our class -- the outstanding leaders and their teachings, the Paris Commune, the October Revolution, the liberation of China and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution -- are shouldered today by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. It is determined to build on the tremendous contributions, sacrifices and epic-making revolutions of the past to carry through emancipation to the end.

What would it be like, trying to do without a RIM in today's world, or one whose mass support around the world is way behind the potential? It won't do to underestimate the hatred of the masses against the life of misery, oppression and degradation imperialism has slated for them; nor to downplay their enthusiasm for fighting it and for making it increasingly possible to concentrate our science, our experience, and even on some scale, our resources, to do away with it. To do this people need to understand what they have in common with the rest of the world's oppressed. This is a fine opportunity: by actively bringing out RIM -- in its own right -- we can make the connections between the oppressed internationally much clearer, and thus also why and how revolution means relying on the masses.

One of the richest examples of combining revolutionary interntionalism with material support for RIM over the past decade has been the continued sale in numerous countries of copies of revolutionary artwork depicting scenes from the People's War in Peru. Originals were painted by political prisoners based on a model and then were smuggled out of Peru's dungeons to RIM to contribute to fundraising for the Movement the PCP is part of. Copies were sent around the world and reproduced in varying forms from postcards to large colour prints. Several thousands of copies of a high-quality revolutionary music cassette "We Only Want the World", connecting the people's struggles in a way only RIM could have achieved have been sold around the world.

In Tamil Nadu, India, where peasants' living standard is typically very low, money was raised for the Defend the Life of Abimael Guzman Campaign by supporting volunteer bicyclists in a long distance ride to inform the people of the campaign.

In some countries, people may have already been won to contributing to an MLM organization or party which belongs to and in turn, supports, RIM. Asking these masses to donate to RIM in its own right poses what is in fact a good contradiction — one that politically enables supporters to understand more about revolution as a worldwide process, the relation between building revolution in one country and overthrowing the world system of imperialism, and even more deeply, just who are the revolutionary people from one corner of the world to the other. This can also serve to generate creativity beyond the bounds of the organized forces — ways in which the masses can support the struggle in other countries, and support the centralized vehicle that strengthens the ties between them.

A Geography of Sacrifice?

Like the burning desire of the masses to do away with their oppressors and exploiters, the ability to make sacrifices to create the organization required to accomplish this has no borders. The world is extremely unequal — that is imperialism̓s logic — and our determined revolutionary internationalism must rise above these differences to support, build and strengthen the common interests of the downtrodden of the world, which are far greater. The Movement is mainly centred in the oppressed countries, and we have the highest expectations of even the poorest masses to make sacrifices based on their understanding of who makes revolution possible. We oppose paternalism that would say people in rich countries can sacrifice but that those in the oppressed countries cannot or will not, or that the “value” of sacrifice in the poorer countries is less “useful” than the relatively high wages pegged to an inflated Deutschmark or pound Sterling in the West.

 And we must also strive for a similar level of sacrifice among our supporters in the imperialist countries, challenging any reasoning that delays or minimizes their need to contribute generously by those who think that conditions for revolution are not as ripe as in the oppressed countries. People do understand what an important difference it makes when their contributions go towards the cause of undoing the swaggering empire of monopoly capital and its repulsive political dictatorship. So they must be struggled with to dig even deeper (into their pockets), as well as to convince others in the world̓s richest countries to overfulfill their share in supporting RIM. Of course, in these countries too it is the common sacrifices of the masses of workers and oppressed which will ultimately be the backbone of support for revolutionary internationalism, but allies from other classes defiantly acting out of their own hatred of imperialism̓s crimes can play a significant role in giving material aid.

 Many friends of RIM are dispersed in places where the revolutionary movement may be just beginning. Such individuals and groups can make an important internationalist contribution by joining in this Worldwide Fundraising Campaign, setting high goals for themselves and thinking of imaginative ways to help organize it wherever they are. We encourage you to contact us further about this.

 As one facet of the campaign, RIM is calling on people from all walks of life in all countries to give one-half a day̓s wages to this fundraising effort. While this does not equalize the great imbalances among countries, it goes in that direction and represents a sacrifice for everyone, no matter on which side of imperialism̓s tentacles they were born.

Aim high and go all out to raise funds for RIM!

Note: Some people will be able to arrange sending funds through their own connections; we encourage others to be in direct contact with the London address to facilitate this.