A WORLD TO WIN    #22   (1996)


Southern Lebanon:

Another Bloody Chapter in the Middle East "Peace Process"

Once again the skies of Lebanon were torn by the sinister roar of Israeli fighter planes, and the dark clouds of explosions cast deadly shadows on the lives of its people. For 16 consecutive days, a torrent of shells pounded southern Lebanon, blowing up ancient highways, isolating villages and towns, exploding water reservoirs and a major electricity plant. Hundreds of people have been killed and many more maimed in this vicious act of imperialist aggression, and half a million people were driven from their homes. The pattern of massacres of civilians and destruction of Lebanon's infrastructure showed that Israel's goal was to terrorize the entire population into submission. With Israeli elections looming and preparations going on for negotiations with Syria, in the search for an even more favourable settlement for the US, the imperialists' hitman made its move.

The message is loud and clear: Israel is the same vicious attack dog of US imperialism that it always has been. It was set up to impose US imperialism's reign on the region and it will continue to do this. The weapons used to carry out this bloody massacre were made, supplied and paid for by the US, and even as the masses were still burying their dead, Clinton & Co announced additional military support for Israel.

Against this backdrop of imperialist-backed aggression, the bankruptcy of the established political forces in the region stands out sharply. As death rained from the sky, Arafat's PLO shamefully reaffirmed their capitulation to imperialism and Zionism by revoking all clauses in the PLO Charter calling for the destruction of Israel. This "peace process" has brought nothing for the Palestinian people or the oppressed people of the region. As for the Hezbollah-type forces, they are enmeshed in relations with reactionary states like the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Syrian regime, and will at most lead the struggling masses to become pawns in imperialist power plays.

Today rage burns ever more intensely in the hearts of the oppressed against the imperialists and their Zionist puppets. Revolutionaries from the region need to link up with the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and take up the science of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, in order to turn the rage of the Palestinian people and the peoples of the Middle East into a fire of people's war that will burn the imperialists' set-up to the ground.