A WORLD TO WIN    #20   (1995)


Resolution of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement On The World Situation

In 1984, the Declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement pointed out, "The post-World War II world is rapidly coming apart at the seams. The international economic and political relations - the 'division of the world' - established through and in the aftermath of World War II no longer corresponds to the needs of the various imperialist powers to 'peacefully' extend and expand their profit empires. While the post-World War II world has undergone important changes as a result of conflicts between the imperialists and especially as a result of revolutionary struggle, today it is the entire network of economic, political and military relations that is being called into question. The relative stability of the major imperialist powers .... is coming unravelled. The revolutionary struggles of the oppressed nations are again on the rise and delivering new blows to the imperialist world order ... The heightening of contradictions is now drawing, and will do so more dramatically in the future, all countries and regions of the world and sections of the masses previously lulled to sleep or oblivious to political life into the vortex of world history. So the revolutionary communists must get prepared, and prepare the class conscious workers and revolutionary sections of the people and step up their revolutionary struggle.

The Declaration's analysis of the impermanence of the existing world order and its call for urgent preparations for sudden changes and leaps in developments have been borne out by world events, though the exact turn of events - the collapse of the Soviet social-imperialist camp and the easing of the sharp rivalry between the U.S. and Soviet-led imperialist blocs which had brought the world to the brink of world war - could not be anticipated.

In the context of the deepening crisis of the imperialist system, the main features of the present world situation include: the upsurge of struggles in the oppressed nations of the world, particularly the glorious achievements of the People's War in Peru, the outbreak of rebellions even in the bellies of the ugly imperialist beasts, the re-emergence of U.S. imperialism as the sole top gendarme of the imperialist order, imperialist intervention and aggression against the oppressed nations and intensified exploitation and attacks on the masses in the oppressed nations and in the capitalist countries themselves, and the realignment taking place amongst the imperialist powers.

Imperialist Pipe Dreams of "A New World Order"

In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet imperialist camp, which was in fact only an important manifestation of the severe crisis gripping the whole imperialist system of which the Soviet Union was one great pillar, the U.S. imperialists arrogantly declared the imposition of a "New World Order". For their own followers at home and for the very gullible, this new order was thinly veiled with words of "respect for international law", a "new era of peace", "democracy", "fighting tyranny and dictatorship" and even "human rights". Imperialist powers who just yesterday were at each other's throats put on a spectacle of embracing. The U.N. and other similar imperialist world bodies were presented as the guardians of the "new era of world peace". The imperialists had fond hopes of covering up the real nature of the collapse of the Soviet social-imperialist bloc and utilising it to disarm the oppressed masses of the revolutionary ideology of communism. Their ideologues, along with reactionaries and revisionists of all hues, launched a counter-revolutionary offensive, proclaiming the end of the communist vision of a world free from exploitation and even the "end of history". Imperialism, reaction and revisionism huffed and puffed to flutter the tattered, drooping banner of "democracy", this inhuman, blood-soaked rule of capital, and present it as the only alternative. It was indeed a sinister conspiracy, but the sordid, bloody results are only too evident.

The opening act of this "new" world order was the brutal rape of Iraq by the U.S., aided by other imperialist powers and with a modern foreign legion comprised of soldiers from the countries they dominate. This was meant to carve out empires and terrify the oppressed into submission. But it only served to rip off their "peace" masks and underscore once again that the comprador regimes in the oppressed nations can never deliver resolute and uncompromising blows to their imperialist masters. The imperialists put on a show of disarmament, but peace could never come from the banquet halls of these bloodsuckers. After all their pacts and treaties they, particularly the U.S. and present-day Russian imperialists, still retain deadly arsenals capable of destroying the world any number of times. The imperialists talked about a "new era of development and cooperation", but the only result has been a heightening of the intense exploitation of the masses in the oppressed nations and in the capitalist countries themselves - the immiseration of the real producers. In the countries of the former Soviet bloc, including Russia, the naked rule of capital is increasingly tearing to shreds the illusions of prosperity and crisis-free growth. And the Western imperialists' dreams of overcoming their crisis have turned into nightmares as they get bogged down more and more, create trouble and get rebuffed, and now face the wrath of the oppressed even in their own countries. The course of events has been rapid, underlining once again the volatility of the world situation. The trumpets of the reactionary counter-offensive, heard loudly just a couple of years ago, are increasingly sounding on deaf ears. More and more sections of the masses in many corners of the world continue to be stirred to resistance, rebellion, and revolution, increasingly aware of the bankruptcy of revisionist haggards, welcoming the brilliant rise of red power in the high mountains of Peru, and seeking more powerful ways of delivering blows at their own oppressors.

"Great Disorder" Is Fine

Mao Tsetung, the great leader of the world proletariat, has taught us that imperialism always lifts up big rocks to throw at the oppressed and ends up crushing its own feet. This is entirely true of the present world situation. The big boasts about their "new" world order and the actual course of events have only served to prove beyond doubt that nothing good can come out of this human-devouring system. Their institutions, reactionary lackeys and revisionist tools are getting exposed more and more. The People's War in Peru has created base areas where our class has once again established people's power. In the oppressed nations of the world, the "storm centres" of world revolution, the struggles and resistance of the masses against imperialism and their reactionary lackeys are on the rise. They are pushing aside the sold-out leaders of yesteryear and new generations are grappling with the tasks of advancing their struggles. There is ferment and rebellion, in varying degrees, among each and every section of the oppressed, among women, youth, and the deepest layers of the masses enchained for centuries by reaction in all of its monstrous forms. The ugly U.S. bully has just received a sound thrashing within its own territory from the victims of its class and racial oppression. And the imperialist paper tigers continue to be punctured by the sharp spears of the oppressed masses in all the countries they dare to commit aggression against. A great tide of "revolutionary disorder" is in the making, and it is fine.

In the light of the deepening crisis of the world imperialist system, all the major contradictions - the contradiction between the oppressed nations and the imperialist powers, the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie in the capitalist and imperialist countries, and the contradiction among the imperialist powers themselves - are undergoing new development. Among them, the contradiction between the oppressed nations and the imperialist powers and to a significant extent, though secondarily, the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie in the imperialist countries are intensifying. The collapse of the Soviet imperialist camp led to an easing of the inter-imperialist contradiction from its previous level of intensity. But imperialist collusion is based on contention, which is being manifested today in the realignments and new rivalries taking place among the imperialist powers in the face of their deepening crisis and the rising struggles of the people.

To repeat the words of the 1984 Declaration, in these times where unprecedented prospects for revolution are in the making, "We must sharpen our revolutionary vigilance and increase our political, ideological, organisational and military readiness in order to wield these opportunities in the best possible manner for the interests of our class and to conquer the most advanced positions possible for the world proletarian revolution." The existence of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the Maoist parties regrouped in it provides a powerful basis for achieving this goal, and it should be done. In particular the communists should take the weapon of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the millions of the oppressed masses, persevere in the fierce struggle against all hues of revisionism, new or old, form Maoist parties wherever they do not exist and strengthen existing ones, in order to prepare, launch, develop and carry through to victory People's Wars to destroy imperialism and reaction forever and march to the glorious future of communism.

26 December 1993