A WORLD TO WIN    #20   (1995)


Resolution of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

In Support of the People's War in Peru Led by the Communist Party of Peru and in Defence of the Life of Chairman Gonzalo

From its very formation, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has been proud to count the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) in its ranks and has considered the glorious People's War led by the PCP as the foremost struggle against imperialism and reaction in the world today.

Beginning with small forces in May 1980, the armed forces of the Peruvian people led by the PCP have grown in the stormy sea of class struggle. By relying on the masses, especially the poor peasantry, following the road of surrounding the city from the countryside and fearing no sacrifice or hardship, the Communist Party of Peru has led in winning great victories, establishing the rule of the people in vast areas of the countryside and reaching the stage of strategic equilibrium in the war with the reactionary regime.

The PCP has fought with absolute confidence in the final victory of the new democratic revolution with the goal of ushering in the socialist revolution in Peru and transforming the country into a base area for the advance of the world revolution and the ultimate triumph of communism worldwide.

Like all things in nature and society, the revolution in Peru has not developed in a straight line. It has advanced amidst arduous struggle, in the face of fierce counter-offensives of the enemy, and through twists and turns. This process has served to temper and steel the Party, to render it more capable of carrying through the revolution until victory.

The advances and victories of the People's War are testimony to the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP Central Committee. By creatively applying Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete situation in Peru, the PCP under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo not only enabled the Peruvian revolution to advance but made important contributions to the understanding of proletarian revolutionaries throughout the world.

In September 1992, Chairman Gonzalo was captured by the reactionary regime aided by U.S. imperialism. Since Chairman Gonzalo's capture, the entire Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has taken up the call "Move Heaven and Earth to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo!" Hundreds of thousands of workers, peasants and revolutionary intellectuals and progressive forces on every continent have participated in a powerful, coordinated international campaign. Chairman Gonzalo gave heart to the people and astounded his captors with his stirring revolutionary call from his prison cage. The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement once again affirms its determination to carry through to the end the struggle to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo.

Today the revolution in Peru faces new challenges as it marches forward toward nation-wide power. Armed with the invincible ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and tempered by thirteen years of revolutionary warfare, the Communist Party of Peru has proven that it is capable of confronting and defeating every kind of enemy attack, correctly analysing and acting upon new situations as they arise, remaining firm in principle and flexible in tactics and overcoming all difficulties to achieve victory.

The Revolutionary Internationalist Movement pledges its unreserved support to the campaign to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo, to the Communist Party of Peru and to the heroic combatants of the People's War and the struggling masses of Peru.

26 December 1993