A WORLD TO WIN    #20   (1995)


Message to the
Communist Party of the Philippines On the Occasion of its 25th Anniversary From the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

Twenty five years ago, as Mao Tsetung led millions of people in the Cultural Revolution to blaze an uncharted path towards the new world of communism under the watchword, "It's right to rebel against reactionaries!", a handful of Filipino revolutionaries founded the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to lead the people of that country forward as part of the world proletarian revolution. This was a joyous event, not only for the Filipino people, who had fought the imperialists, particularly the U.S. rulers, for many long years, but for the oppressed and exploited of all the world. Indeed, the CPP is not only the fruit of the Filipino people's struggle, and not only of the world revolutionary struggle in general, but it is also an offspring of that world historic battle of the Chinese masses against the imperialists and especially the modern Soviet revisionists and their Chinese counterparts, which was led by the great leader of the international proletariat, Mao Tsetung.

The comrades of the young CPP boldly took up Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, which they hailed as "the acme of Marxism-Leninism", and brought it to the masses. They fearlessly applied Mao's pathbreaking theory of People's War to the specific conditions of the Philippines, and went to the countryside to mobilise the masses, particularly the poor peasants, in people's war; they carried out agrarian revolution and roused the masses to create new forms of red power in the rural areas, relying on armed struggle as the principal form of struggle and the New People's Army led by the CPP as the main form of organisation of the masses. For many years the CPP comrades persisted in this line and carried forward the protracted warfare that step by step will enable the oppressed and exploited of the Philippines to surround the cities from the countryside and carry out the New Democratic Revolution against imperialism, feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism, to establish the joint dictatorship of the revolutionary classes led by the proletariat as the necessary prelude to the socialist revolution.

These developments proved in practice Mao's teaching that a correct political and ideological line is decisive, and that even when there are no soldiers, if the line is correct, soldiers will be found. Relying on the invincible weapon of our revolutionary science, the CPP grew from small to big, and led the People's War to sink deep roots in the countryside and to deal powerful blows against the U.S. imperialists and the Filipino compradors and feudal landlords.

Today, 25 years after its founding, the CPP is engaged in the serious task of carrying out a rectification campaign on the basis of raising high the great red banners of Marx, Lenin and Mao. The CPP comrades are intensively studying the works of Mao in order to uproot a series of errors that arose in the 1980s that departed from Mao's line and repudiated previous correct verdicts of the Party. These went along with a tendency to confuse enemies with friends both domestically and internationally, including concerning the social-imperialist character of the USSR and the reactionary post-1976 Deng regime in China. The Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, which since 1984 has gathered together revolutionary communist parties from around the world on the basis of the three red banners of Marx, Lenin and Mao, salutes the CPP on the occasion of its 25th anniversary and welcomes this rectification initiative with all its heart. RIM expresses the deeply felt wishes of all the comrades in the Maoist parties and organisations united in RIM that the CPP carries this rectification campaign through to the end, that it succeeds in revitalising the Party and through it the New People's Army so as to carry forward the people's war in the Philippines to victory and establish a red Philippines as a mighty base area for the world revolution.

On the occasion of the Mao Tsetung Centenary, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has proclaimed that Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is its guiding ideology. On the basis of this all-powerful ideology, the revolutionary communists the world over will be able to advance our unity and solidify our ranks, to beat back the reactionary anti-communist counter-offensive launched by the imperialists and their revisionist and reactionary lackeys, and to seize on the deepening crisis of their system and the unprecedented storms of rebellion and resistance this will unleash so as to lead the masses to seize power through revolutionary violence, establish their rule and advance towards that future when all exploitation and oppression shall be done away with and the bright red sun of communism will shine over the whole world.

26 December 1993