A WORLD TO WIN    #18   (1992)


Chairman Gonzalo Salutes PCP and World's Oppressed from the Dungeons of Peru

"Win New Victories"

Comrades of the Communist Party of Peru, fighters of the People's Guerrilla Army, the people of Peru: we are living through historic moments, each one of us knows this to be the case. Let us not deceive ourselves. Now is the time we must bring into play all possible forces in order to continue accomplishing our tasks, win new victories and finally triumph!

We are fighting in these trenches because we are communists! Because we defend the people's interests, the principles of the Party, and the People's War! This is what we do, what we are doing, what we will continue to do! We are here in circumstances which some think to be a great defeat. They are dreaming. Today we say to them this is only a bend in the road. Nothing more! A bend in the middle of the road. And though the road is long, we shall travel it to the end. We will reach our goal and we will win! You will see it.

We must continue with the tasks laid down in the Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee, a glorious event! This Third Plenary Session has already started and it will continue. We will continue to carry out the plans of the People's War for the seizure of power. We will continue the Sixth Military Plan. That is our task! Together with the proletariat and the people, we will carry it out!

Today, the democratic road has begun to proceed as a road of liberation, as the road of people's liberation. These are the circumstances in which we are developing our actions. Where are we now along this road? At a strategic equilibrium.

It is useless to continue to deny this evidence. Let us look at the history of Peru. Specifically let us examine the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and understand their lessons. If you do not understand this you will be blind. First there was Spanish domination, and this Spanish domination, where did it lead us? To an extremely deep crisis. As a consequence, Peru was divided up. It was in that era that we can see the roots of today's political domination.

Then, in the last century, came British domination. Where did that lead us? To another great crisis and its consequence, the war with Chile. Let us not forget this. What was the result? Peru lost territory. In the 20 century, how are we faring? There is an imperialism dominating us, U.S. imperialism. This is something real and everyone knows it. Where has this led us? Here and now, to the worst crisis in our entire history, a crisis the likes of which has never been endured by our people. These twelve years of struggle have served to demonstrate and show clearly to the people that the Peruvian state and the Peruvian army are completely rotten to the core. That they are paper tigers!

What should we do? We must give impetus to the people's liberation movement and develop the People's War. The time to set up a National Liberation Front has arrived. It is time to form and develop a People's Liberation Front with the People's Guerrilla Army as its core. That is what we will do, that is what we are already doing, that is what we are going to be doing.

Maoism is marching relentlessly forward in its task of forging the new wave of the world proletarian revolution. This must be well understood and everyone must become well aware of it! Those who have ears must use them well, those who have understanding - we all have it - use it well, too! Let no one talk nonsense!

The same contending powers behind the first and second world war are now preparing the third. This is something that must be made known! We can't allow this to happen! Enough is enough!

100 years of Chairman Mao!

Next year it will be one hundred years since the birth of Chairman Mao. We must celebrate it. We want an unforgettable celebration. We will start celebrating this year and we will culminate the celebration next year.

I want to take the opportunity to salute the international proletariat, the great oppressed majorities. To all the communists of Peru: the People's War will inevitably be victorious.

We Must Have Faith in the Future Birth of the People's Republic of Peru!

Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Honour and Glory to the Peruvian People!

24 September 1992, Headquarters of the Anti-Terrorist Police of Peru

(Reproduced by El Diario International from various Lima dailies of 25 September 1992.)