A WORLD TO WIN    #18   (1992)


Protest from around the world

The IEC and AWTW have received a number of statements, letters, messages and so on from a wide variety of forces that have come forward to protest the attacks on Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP. We have excerpted some of these to give an idea of how this campaign spread.

- AWTW 90 Members of Parliament in Nepal

"We demand the immediate release of Chairman Gonzalo!"

From Dr Bani Sadr, former President of Iran

Letter to Fujimori

"The act which I have observed in the media, of enclosing Mr Guzmán in a cage and presenting this spectacle to the world, is an act which goes beyond human behaviour.If you wish to end the violence, respect Human Rights."

From 78 political prisoners from Devrimici Sol, the TDKP/GKB, the TIKB and DR on hunger strike in Buca prison, Turkey

Letter to the IEC

"Fifty-eight people were seriously injured during an attack on our cells by police and gendarmes on 14 September 1992. Because of this attack, 78 political hostages have begun a hunger strike of unlimited duration. Our rights as political hostages, which are guaranteed by international human rights treaties, have been suspended by the prison authorities with the full knowledge of the regime. In this way all our possibilities to live are eliminated. The prison has been transformed into a dungeon out of the Middle Ages...

...In the world today, political hostages are being tortured and murdered in the fascist and imperialist countries. This continues. Dr Guzmán, who is the leader of the Communist Party of Peru, and was treated in an inhuman way following his arrest is one example of this. The fascist Fujimori dictatorship is doing everything in its power to eliminate Dr Guzmán.

We, the revolutionary hostages from Turkey whose signatures appear below, protest against the fascist Fujimori dictatorship and wish the committee that was formed to free Dr Guzmán success. Please send comrade Guzmán our revolutionary greetings."

From 300 political prisoners in Elazig prison, Turkey

Statement dictated to their lawyer

They protest the arrest and expulsion of the second international delegation and condemn Amnesty International for not being concerned about Abimael Guzmán, his lawyer and the condition of prisoners in Turkey. They call on world public opinion to be vigilant on these issues, to give full support to the IEC and call on all political prisoners behind prison walls in Turkey to step forward in solidarity with Abimael Guzmán.

From the Committee to Support the Revolution in Peru, Mexico


"...[I]n the face of these torturers and before the whole world, Chairman Gonzalo took a firm stand. With his fist in the air, he gave a defiant and very clear speech... and when the cops began to sing the national anthem, Guzmán responded by singing 'Arise ye prisoners of starvation, arise ye wretched of the earth'. According to a reporter for the Mexican newspaper La Jornada who was present, 'Despite the uproar, the Internationale rang out with full force.'

From Michael Mansfield, defender of the Birmingham 6 and the Cardiff 3, Britain

Letter to Fujimori

"I wish to strongly protest the detention and subsequent deportation from Peru of the second delegation of six delegates who had arrived to protest the case of Dr Abimael Guzmán. Such actions reveal the true nature of your regime and its judicial process."

From Mumia Abu-Jamal (political prisoner in U.S. prison facing execution)

Excerpted article

"...Since 1980, when the Maoist guerrilla, Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) launched its war against the state, the West, through its agents and agencies in Peru, has been angling for the liquidation of the largely Indian peasants' army, for fear its fire of anti-Western, anti-capitalist revolution would spread to other South American countries with majority or substantial Indian populations. Unlike many other guerrilla (focos) that arose in South America since the 1960s, Sendero had its deepest roots in the Quechua-speaking peasantry.... ...The recent arrest of Abimael Guzmán (nom de guerre, Presidente Gonzalo), Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, occurred against this backdrop of dictatorial rule. His 'trial' was by a judge and prosecutor in hoods, while he stood in a glass-covered cage, and where the only questions to the defendant had to do with party ideology and Sendero structure.

So 'outré' is Sendero, and so demonized its Chairman, that many of the West's alleged human rights groups have been conspicuous by their silence. Presumably, Guzmán is not a human, and thus has no rights...."

From a retired Supreme Court Justice in India

Letter to Amnesty International

"The facts [we are] hearing from Peru are very concerning. We are very sorry to know that it is in the presence of AI where these atrocities are committed. You must immediately intervene in the violation of international law and justice by President Fujimori in the case of [a] movement to reinstate the death penalty, 'slowly killing' of Dr Abimael Guzmán by extreme conditions in the prison&."

From Students Emergency Committee for the Defence of Guzmán's Life, South Africa

Report to the IEC

..."Fujimori's acts are not strange to us as South Africans... The South African masses have waged the struggle against an oppressive and exploitative regime and its horrendous acts and it is in this light that SRG, AZASCO, WOSA (Student wing) and the Revolutionary Watchdogs have decided to form a committee which is going to embark on a campaign to save the life of Comrade Gonzalo.

We have sent the press statement out and are about to call meetings of a broad range of forces....

...There was a meeting at the University of Durban-Westville on October 6th and a demonstration outside the U.S. Consulate in Durban yesterday.

...In Capetown a meeting was held on October 7th. People are faxing letters of protest to Fujimori."

From Group of Iranian Refugees in Finland

Letter to Fujimori

"We are opposed to the illegal trial of leader Gonzalo and we are deeply worried about his health. Leader Gonzalo is not only an ordinary person but also he is considered as the leader of millions of labourers and farmers around the world. We demand justice for his legal rights and the security of his life. We support the 'International Emergency Committee' for the protection of his life."

From the group, For the Organizing of Internationalist Lesbian Women, Germany


"...They are making preparations to force through changes in the Peruvian Constitution, which outlaws the death penalty, in order to kill Gonzalo. This would not be the first assassination of political prisoners in Peru, a state which in 1986... murdered hundreds of prisoners in El Fronton, and which killed 40 women and men in Canto Grande this year....

...Women are a strong component part of the PCP and occupy important posts within it. Since the founding of the People's Guerrilla Army some units were formed mostly by women and there are many women party leaders and commanders....

...As internationalist feminists we support the struggle of the Peruvian women for their own liberation and for the Peruvian people as a whole....

...While we maintain our own positions, let us take part in this international campaign against the murder of Abimael Guzmán!"

From former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Letter to Fujimori

"...We in Australia are watching very closely your government's actions against Dr Guzmán, and we hold your government entirely responsible if any harm comes to Dr Guzmán or his lawyer Alfredo Crespo.

Your threat to pull out of the San José Convention and declaring Peru is going to withdraw from the Inter-American court shows you and your government have complete disregard for the interests of human rights and international law. We condemn you for this and can only remind you that there are many thousands of people in Australia who are repulsed by the actions of your government regarding the inhumane and unjust treatment of Dr Guzmán and the many other political prisoners...."

From the Puerto Rican newspaper, La Patria Radical

Excerpted article

"...This arrest was made possible in collaboration with the counterinsurgent machinery maintained by the United States government in Peru....

...In the liberated zones of Peru, the poor and humble have begun to savour that which a free and sovereign people are capable of accomplishing with a planned economy.

It is possible that the Peruvian military government, whose terror was recently displayed at the Canto Grande massacre where they killed dozens of defenceless people, has the capacity to kill Presidente Gonzalo.

By this means, we make a call to all those who love peace and human rights, independently of your ideological positions, to defend the life and human rights of Presidente Gonzalo.

We encourage our readers to write and to call the Peruvian Embassy in Washington, demanding that Presidente Gonzalo's human rights and dignity be respected, including his right to maintain open communication with his family and attorneys and to allow him to receive independent medical exams and visits."

48 Poets from Turkey



We, the poets who have signed below, censure the junta for imprisoning Abimael Guzmán, the Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru. We would like this declaration, which we have started as a wind, to be transformed into a storm to overthrow the wig of fascism. (Wig in Turkish is peru'k)

Alumni Association of the School of Journalism and Communications of Marseilles, France

Letter to the IEC

"...As a political opponent and revolutionary leader in captivity, Abimael Guzmán, just like his comrades in combat, has the right to be tried as such and to consult with his lawyers. He must not in any event be executed, as the Peruvian Constitution forbids it.

You may solemnly draw the Peruvian ambassador's attention to the fact that [our organisation] will not abide the methods of brutal and murderous repression that the Peruvian political opposition figures are being subjected to. We remind you that a woman journalist has been coldly assassinated by the forces of order on April 6th, 1992 along with other members of the Communist Party of Peru....

...We are fully aware of the vast campaign of manipulation of public opinion destined to give free rein to the Peruvian government in its acts of repression.

Please communicate our fraternal greetings to imprisoned journalists."

From India

Warning, with signatures, to Fujimori

"We, thousands of people of India mark our protest against the arrest of Abimael Guzmán (Gonzalo), Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru. The Peruvian authorities are being warned against any danger to the health and life of Abimael Guzmán (Gonzalo) on which all the progressive forces of the world are very eager."

From International Federation of Iranian Refugees and Immigrant Councils

Letter to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (copies sent to Amnesty International and other human rights groups)

"Although I do not share, by any standards, the persuasions of Mr Guzmán... the way that this incident has received media coverage and the support given to the sham justice of the Peruvian government, makes anyone concerned with the civilised standards of conduct and fairness speak out.

...[There is such] widespread destitution, poverty and privation that the occurrence of cholera, rising unemployment, famine, child labour and even the abominable trade of human organs have become common phenomena in this country. Driven by such extreme and dire circumstances, a section of the population has taken up arms to challenge the very regime which sustains such sufferings on them. What is happening in Peru is nothing short of a civil war with all its cruelty and unpleasantness.Mr Guzmán is a recognized figure of this war. Just as Mr Fujimori is his arch antagonist. One who criminalises this whole sequence of events, and brands its captured leaders as criminals, is trying to obscure the legitimate and genuine hostility of the Peruvian people to the status quo. The whole matter is a political one and should be treated as such.

...It is on the basis of the above assertions that we ask your agency to intercede in the trial of Mr Guzmán and his colleagues and avert the consequent treatments they are most likely to receive.... Furthermore, it is also high time that the practice of countries which prejudice against the adherents of the popular movement in Peru be stopped...."

From 15 youth in Germany (Edith Lagos Saenz* Group)

Letter to the Peruvian regime

"...The arrest and planned execution of the great leader of this movement through the torturing, plundering, murdering dogs on-a-leash of your regime fills us with sadness and fury.

Abimael Guzmán is a man, who in his determination, has contributed to the possibility that a life of freedom and humanity for the oppressed and exploited lies within reach.

His murder will not represent a crime against a few isolated people, but rather a crime against the oppressed people of Peru and of the whole world. Therefore we are demanding the immediate release of Chairman Gonzalo!...

...In the end the inhuman imperialist system in Peru and in the whole world will be swept away through the unyielding force of the oppressed!"

From the Chairman of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

Letter to Fujimori

"I have the honour to write to you on behalf of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, which has 1,500 members, Barristers, Solicitors, and Academics in the United Kingdom....

...It appears to us that the arrangements presently being made for his trial by a Military Tribunal pursuant to a Statute forced through by Presidential powers, fall far short of international standards for fair trial....

...We have just received reliable information that eminent lawyers from France and Germany, who are in Peru in order to observe the trial of Dr Guzmán, have themselves been threatened, by the Government Prosecutor, with prosecution. If this information is correct, the Prosecutor has committed a grave breach of the norms of international practice in these matters. We insist that the international lawyers be permitted to carry out their mission without interference and threats...."

From 64 autoworkers at the Ford plant in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.

Message to Fujimori

"...These acts are outrageous. They are the acts of a government that is very scared of its own people and desperate to stop people around the world from seeing your true terrorist and dictatorial nature. The spotlight is on you and the people of the world will judge you for these outrageous crimes....

...We also say: DO NOT EXECUTE CHAIRMAN GONZALO, LEGALLY OR ANY OTHER WAY. We know about 'attempted suicide', 'attempted escape' and 'natural causes'. It'll still be murder."

Movement Against Racism and for the Friendship between Peoples (MRAP) in France

Letter to the Peruvian ambassador in Paris

"The MRAP, which does not share the PCP's ideas, expresses its firm condemnation of the exhibition of Abimael Guzmán in a cage: this is an affront to the conscience of defenders of Human Rights.

We ask that the leaders of the PCP receive a fair trial respecting Human Rights and the Peruvian Constitution.

We protest the charges against the international lawyers' delegation.

The best way to end the civil war would be to introduce social and political reforms that the people are demanding. It is necessary to follow another path than that of strangulation of the national economy according to the orders of the IMF."

From a statement by a Peruvian in Europe, Member of the National College of Journalists:

"...We should have no doubt as to the fate they have planned for this prisoner, but, from our distant position as fighters for a NEW COUNTRY IN A NEW WORLD, let us raise our voice to denounce to the civilized world this masquerade of a SUMMARY TRIAL set up by those who are both judge and judged, and let us demand respect for the prisoner's life. This farce they have staged to try him must not end up in the execution that is undoubtedly secretly being planned...."

Call by the IEC for funds based on report from Cochin City, India

"A meeting of a couple of dozen day labourers, who earn less than Ł1 per day, pledged to meet the One Day Wages' Call by the IEC. How can people in Germany, the US or the UK do less?"

One-Day's Wage appeal in Mexico

"You people of the towns, from the masses, those of you who are resisting imperialist domination... Now you can join together to prevent a new crime of reaction... We understand the different economic situations of the conscious people all over the world; that's why we are glad to receive their support, even small contributions, from poor countries as well as rich.... Gather to this great effort!"

From Iranian Refugees in Turkey

"We Iranian refugees in Turkey express our outrage and anger at the criminal action of ruling government of Peru and its boss Fujimori for murdering people and revolutionaries for a long time in Peru. We resolutely join in defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo, and appreciate the work of IEC...and wish you all success. We can only send 50 German marks, as we are under a strained financial situation ourselves."

From the Peru Solidarity Committee/ Rossoperŕio in Italy


"...U.S. imperialism, as the U.S. Ambassador in Lima, Anthony Quainton, has himself declared, has given its full cooperation to Peru's repressive apparatus, supplying agents and sophisticated equipment as part of the imperialist intervention that has been intensifying in recent months. They are extremely worried by the advance of the People's War, which they consider a serious danger to their new world order and a 'threat to Western civilization'...."

From Akin Birdal, Human Rights Association President, Turkey

To Amnesty International

"As the defenders of human rights in Turkey, we condemn with deep hatred the fact that the Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru, Dr Abimael Guzmán, has been given life in prison after being taken into custody and put through an unfair treatment.

We could not remain silent while the most fundamental rights and freedoms of Dr Guzmán are being destroyed by the oppressive Fujimori regime. Your organization cannot be expected to remain silent either.

We wish that your organization would be the powerful voice of world democratic public opinion and defenders of human rights...."