A WORLD TO WIN    #5   (1986)



For decades Kurdistan has been rising up in arms against national subjugation; now it faces a new conjuncture: what will it take to hoist the red flag, what difference will it make to the oppressed the world around to set the Kurdish prairie afire with a formidable red peshmerga army? Nejimeh Siavush discusses these crucial questions.


An analysis of the last few years of growing political ferment in Bangladesh (Purba Bangla), where the U.S.-backed regime is confronted by a broad range of opposition forces from diverse classes.

Life and Death in Bangladesh: Statistics providing a sense of what imperialist and semi-feudal domination means for the people of Bangladesh.


Kurdistan and Prospects for Red Political Power

Ibrahim Kaypakkaya on the Kurdish National Question

The Tinder Box of Purba Bangla

Life and Death in Bangladesh

Why Did Colombia's Government Bomb Its Own Palace of Justice
[PDF Format, 5 pages, 933 KB; not available on old AWTW website, scanned and added by BannedThought.net]

Two Articles about the 10th Anniversary of the RCP,USA [PDF Format, 5 pages, 688 KB, scanned by BT.]

  • RIM Committee Message to RCP, USA
  • RCP,USA Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Seizing the Imperialists Citadels [Two articles: PDF Format, 17 pages, 2,720 KB. Scanned by BT.]

Britain. Excerpts from Manifesto of the Revolutionary Internationalist Contingent

Italy: Excerpts from For the Revolutionary Communist Workers Organisation

Entire issue #5 in one large PDF file (82 pages, 13,210 KB)