The International Communist League (ICL)

An Association of Maoist and/or Gonzaloist Political Parties and Organizations

      The International Communist League is an association of parties and organizations of one trend within the world Marxist-Leninism-Maoist revolutionary movement. It has an Internet newspaper called the Communist International which is online at:

      We are still looking at its documents and positions, but it seems that the ICL and many of the parties and organizations which are part of it are highly sympathetic to the line and approach of the Communist Party of Peru (also known as “Shining Path” to distinguish it from other parties using the name CPP) which was led by Abimael Guzmán [“Chairman Gonzalo”] until his capture by the Peruvian government in 1992. Chairman Gonzalo died in prison in 2021, but the CPP which he once led still exists, although it may now itself have several factions. All the parties and organizations in the ICL seem to believe that the only valid strategy for revolution in any and every country today is what Mao called “People’s War”, and apparently all of them reject (even for advanced capitalist countries such as the United States, Britain and Germany) the Leninist strategy of education and organization of the workers and masses until it becomes possible to lead an insurrection (which would then most likely be followed by civil war).

      [Further introduction to be added as we learn more about the ICL.]

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