Suppression of News in Indonesia and Political
Statements Prevented from Reaching the People

      In Indonesia, as in so many other countries, much of the real news about what is happening to the working class and the poor, is suppressed, or at the very least is not widely reported. And for reasons like this the claims that Indonesia enjoys a true “democracy” and “a free press” are gross exaggerations of the real situation. We at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET will try to help break down this government and media news embargo.

      We are also posting a number of suppressed documents of the Indonesian revolutionary movement here. Eventually we hope to have many more. A number of the documents in English about the Communist Party of Indonesia, especially from the revisionist period when the party was led by D. N. Aidit, can also be found at:

      One of the greatest massacres of communists and of ordinary people in history took place at the hands of the Indonesian military in 1965. This horrendous massacre, which probably killed at least half a million people—and possibly several million—was directed by the American CIA (with the assistance of the British intelligence agency, MI6). In the future we will try to put a special focus on exposing those who were guilty of this horrible crime. A good place to begin in learning about this massacre and the serious errors made by the PKI which facilitated it, is the article “The Destruction of the Indonesian Communist Party in 1965 and the Road Not Taken”, by the MLMRSG which is available below in the Foreign Commentary section.

      If you know of other suppressed documents and news reports that should be posted here, contact us at:

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      Due to the repressive legislation and judicial decisions in the United States, we at BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET want to make it completely clear that we do not have any connection whatsoever with the Communist Party of Indonesia, or with any other party in Indonesia or any other country for that matter. We do not aid, promote, assist, support, coordinate with, or provide any sort of services or advice to the PKI or to any other party. However, we do support the right of free speech, and the right of the people in both Indonesia and internationally to read the views and publications of this and all other parties and organizations. And for this reason alone we are making copies of many of their documents available on this site.