Volume 5, No. 11-12, November-December 2004


Indian Soil Used for Counter-insurgency Training!

Do the Parliamentary Left Oppose Military Training of the U.S. and Other Armies?


In a report that appeared in the October 3, 2004 issue of The Statesman it said:

"Some 120 Km. from the Mizoram capital of Aizal the training school tucked away somewhere amid thousands of hectares in the vicinity is probably like no other in the world. The army’s Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School operates. The Six Week training schedule is rigorous and includes raiding terrorist hideouts, fending for oneself in unfriendly situations, honing firing skills against unconventional targets, rescuing hostage and mastering the art of intervention.

The Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School has been training armed forces and police personnel. Already over 300,000 personnel from countries that include the USA, Nepal, Iraq, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Afganistan learned to live by the school’s motto: fight the guerrilla like a guerrilla. Brigadier Ponwar says the main objective involves training in the latest technology to combat terrorism.

With the 9/11 attacks armies around the world have been to reorient their fighting forces in learning how to fight unconventional wars.

In March this year, US soldiers enrolled for jungle warfare training – the first joint infantry exercise between the two countries. This proved a unique opportunity for the Americans because the "USA does not have a jungle warfare school", says Brigadier Ponwar "And we also learnt many things from the US troops. Our trainers went to Israel and other countries and that’s how we’ve come to know about their expertise", he added.

The Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School is now planning ahead to meet the challenges of modern day counter-insurgency operations in both rural and urban areas."

It is very clear from this that the US and Indian forces are more closely collaborating to crush revolutionary movements in this region. This training course in not only target against the Maoist and nationality movements in India, but also the movements like the CPN(Maoist) in Nepal and other armed struggles in Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The school produces assassains, killers, murderers amd the most ruthless counter-revolutionary forces on the region. The US involvement in such training amounts to direct military intervention of foreign forces in our country. But all the parliamentary riff-raff are silent. The people must vehement oppose the presence of foreign troops on Indian soil.





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