Press Statement:   March 1, 2006

Communist Party of India (Maoist) Strongly Condemns
the Imposition of Emergency in Philippines

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) strongly condemns the imposition of Emergency in the Philippines by the US puppet government of President Arroyo. The government banned the rallies to be held on the 20th anniversary of the “people’s power” and had arrested military officers, opposition leaders and have closed down all anti-Arroyo newspaper offices. More details are yet to come to light.

There has been months of mass unrest against the anti-people polices of the Arroyo government involving a large section of the people of the Philippines stretching from the parliamentary opposition at one end to the revolutionary forces of the country, including the National Democratic Front of Philippines (NDFP). This government acting as a stooge of the US has been systematically selling out the country to the imperialists and has even gone to the extent of inviting the US armed forces into the country. It has been bogged down in all sorts of corruption.

Not only that, even before the declaration of Emergency the government has been using vigilante forces to assassinate leaders of mass organisations and the trade unions. Over the last year or two about 50 of such leaders have been murdered by these killer forces. They have also been ruthlessly using the military against the peoples forces led by the CPP (Communist Party of the Philippines) and even against Moro nationality movement. In a recent action 16 Maoists were brutally killed by the military forces.

Our Party strongly condemns these actions and fully stands with the oppressed masses of the Philippines. The people of India stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of the Philippines in their struggle for justice, democracy and socialism. We demand the immediate lifting of the Emergency in the Philippines and strong punishment for those responsible for the assassination of the leaders of the mass organisations. The struggle of the people of the Philippines is part of our common struggle against the common enemy of imperialism, particularly US imperialism. The people of India firmly unite with the people of the Philippines against their reactionary rulers.

General Secretary
Communist Party of India (Maoist)
March 1, 2006

[Reprinted from People’s March, Vol. 7, No. 4, April, 2006.]