[From The Worker, #8, January 2003]


(Adopted by the Second Annual Conference of the Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties & Organisations of South Asia)

Since the Inaugural Conference which established the Co-ordinating Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA) in June 2001‚ the world has undergone dramatic changes. The attack on key strategic targets in the US on September 11th has transformed the political landscape internationally presenting mortal dangers and challenges as well as historic revolutionary opportunities to the proletariat and the oppressed people of the world.

In the face of a spiralling crisis of the world imperialist system under the guise of a so-called global war against terrorism‚ the imperialist powers‚ led by the US have exploited these attacks as a justification to unleash a global terrorist war of aggression against the oppressed people and nations of the world. These dogs of international terror have combined to maintain and further consolidate their control over the resources and markets of the world and to sink their fangs deeper to bleed the labor power of the workers and rob the masses in a desperate compulsion to defend and expand their rival empires of profit and plunder. At the same time the dogs of terror are at each others throats to grab more of the share of profit and plunder. In this general context‚ seizing decisive control and exercising dominance over the vast oil resources of the Middle-East and the Caspian region have become critical in maintaining imperialist global hegemony.

In the pursuit of these imperialist objectives‚ the US-led imperialist alliance has already bombarded the people of Afghanistan and reduced their lives‚ livelihood‚ cities and villages and all social & economic infrastructure to dust. This brutal and cowardly war of aggression was aimed not only at destroying the Al-Queda network and the Taliban regime-both of which owe their origins & growth to US imperialism and to install an even more loyal feudal comprador regime, but more fundamentally to establish a military base in Afghanistan through which to dominate Central and South Asia. However‚ the Afghan people are mounting stiff resistance to US- British imperialist aggression and occupation.

The US has unleashed the fascist-Zionist state of Israel- its No. 1 attack dog in the Middle-East to wage a sustained war of genocidal terror to crush the Palestine resistance. The US president‚ George Bush‚ has vowed to unleash a holy war in the manner of a barbaric crusade against a host of states which have no connection to the September 11th attacks‚including Iraq‚ Iran‚ Sudan‚Somalia‚ Libya‚ Yemen & N. Korea. It is presently preparing contingency plans to bomb the Iraqi regime & the people in an even more ruthless & destructive war than before.

The US has entered into a strategic alliance with India in order to extend & consolidate hegemonic dominance in the South Asian region. In this context‚ this strategic alliance has set out to assist the feudal comprador- autocratic monarchist state in Nepal in its desperate attempt to militarily crush the blazing protracted people's war led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)‚ CPN(M). Since November 2001‚ under a state of emergency the Nepalese state has carried out a genocidal war against the people‚where on an average a dozen people are killed every day. In the period of one year‚ more than 3‚000 people have been killed. The Nepalese state has carried out mass massacres‚ gang- rapes & inhuman torture on an expanding scale‚ while carrying out a campaign of disinformation to cover its trail of blood. The Nepalese state has suspended all fundamental human & democratic rights‚ while killing & arresting progressive journalists and activists. In its effort to centralize‚ concentrate & monopolize state power‚ the monarchy has marginalized the parliament and all other institutions & agencies of the state‚ while strengthening the role of lackey forces such as the UML.

The Indian expansionist state backed by US imperialism has collaborated in these fascist genocidal policies by capturing oppositional journalists and deporting them to Nepal. People who have come to India seeking medical treatment have been abducted & delivered to the torture chambers of the Nepalese state.

The strategic alliance between the US and India has led to the establishment of an FBI office in Delhi to better facilitate & co-ordinate this counter- revolutionary strategy throughout South Asia. The political machinations of the imperialists global terrorist war agenda has brought India & Pakistan to the brink of a nuclear confrontation which would have the most devastating consequences for the people of the region. Although the machinations of a peace process and the active connivance of the Sri Lankan ruling class both the US and India have gained access to strategic military facilities in the island and penetrated the political life of Sri Lanka as never before. Those moves have violated the sovereignty of the people and the country and introduced even more intensive forms of domination & control.
The Indian expansionist state has been militarised on a new level and its repressive & ideological apparatus has been geared up to crush all resistance and opposition by revolutionary forces and by the people‚ which is bound to increase and intensify in the face of the combined strategy of globalisation & counter-revolution. The central state has established new mechanism to coordinate the counter-revolution at the state & district level. Under the heinous Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA)‚the Indian state has banned the Communist Party of India - Marxist-Leninist- People's War (CPI-ML-PW) and the Maoist Communist Center (MCC) in a desperate bid to stop the rising tide of people's democratic revolution & protracted people's war led by Maoist vanguard detachments. True to their class character‚ the revisionist parliamentarist "left" parties have all colluded in this counter- revolutionary agenda. The Indian ruling class is whipping up big-nation chauvinism to aggressively push their reactionary counter- revolutionary agenda. This has been accompanied by anti-Pakistani war hysteria and unleashing fascist Hindu chauvinism. These have now taken an extreme and dangerous form by the ruling B.J.P. and their fascist goons. The policy of targeting minorities in general‚ and Muslims in particular has become routine & institutionalized within the state. The Conference specifically condemns the recent state sponsored anti-Muslim programs in Gujarat unleashed by the BJP rulers in the state.

The combined strategy of globalisation & counter-revolution has also intensified the exploitation‚ oppression and repression of the masses in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.
However‚ as Mao had said‚"where there is oppression there will be resistance". All these counter-revolutionary repressive politicizes & actions of the imperialists have served to further ignite mass protest & rebellion & to spread the flames of people's revolutionary war.

The oppressed people's of Palestine have resisted the wave of genocidal aggression by the Israeli state with characteristic courage sacrifice and determination. They are standing in the front lines of the anti-imperialist struggle of the people of the world. As each day passes‚ through their own experience‚ they see through the veils of deception‚ illusions & betrayal of the feudal-bourgeois leadership and will come to demand genuine proletarian leadership based on the science of MLM. All over the world tens of thousand of broad progressive forces have come together to denounce & resist the increasing aggression & domination by international finance capital. Protracted people's war are being waged in Peru‚ Nepal‚ India‚ Philippines & Turkey‚ while Maoist organizations & parties across the world are accelerating their preparation to initiate & lead people's war in their countries.

The South Asian sub-continent is being transformed into one of the most volatile storm center of the world revolution. The New Democratic Revolution led by the CPN (M) has‚ through the path of Protracted People's War‚ turned every challenge & danger into opportunities & advances and has developed in qualitative leaps to a new turning point towards seizing political power on a higher level. It provides the dynamic of building a South Asian proletarian revolutionary process based on MLM. CCOMPOSA is an expression of this logic & necessity. The CPI-ML (PW) and the MCC are making new important advances ideologically‚ politically & militarily. Other participating parties in India‚ Bangladesh & Sri Lanka are also making new important advances in building their capacity to initiate and lead protracted people's war based on the science of MLM. In India‚ serious efforts are going on by the genuine Maoist Parties and Organisations to build a single revolutionary center. In Bangladesh‚ the genuine Maoist forces are also striving to build a unified party based on a correct revolutionary line. So we can say "the path is torturous‚ but the future is bright". In this context‚ the 2nd Annual Conference of the CCOMPOSA constitutes another historic milestone on the path of reaffirming Naxalbari and giving rise to a new & higher level of the expression to the South Asian Revolutionary process in the context of advancing the World Proletarian Socialist Revolution and achieving the final victory of communism worldwide upon the ashes & ruins of world imperialism.

The Second Annual Conference of CCOMPOSA reaffirms its dedication and commitment to uphold and apply the invincible science of MLM to the concrete conditions of the South Asian Revolution as realised within the particular countries. This Conference reaffirms its commitment and dedication to unite with and support the revolutionary struggles of the oppressed people and nations in the region and in the world against imperialist oppression and domination. In this context‚ it defends and upholds the struggle of the Palestine people against the fascist-zionist Israeli state openly and brazenly backed by US imperialism. It calls on all the genuine Maoist revolutionary forces in the region to combine and co-ordinate their collective political will and fighting capacity in order to turn South Asia into an advanced liberated red fortress of world revolution and to hasten the final destruction of imperialism and reaction and the achievement of Communism worldwide.

September 15‚2002

-Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties and Organisations of South Asia (CCOMPOSA)
1) PBSP (CC) [Bangladesh] 2 ) PBSP (MPK)[Bangladesh] 3) BSD (ML) [Bangladesh] 4)CPEB (ML) [Bangladesh] 5)CPC (Maoist) [Sri Lanka] 6) MCC (India) 7) CPI-ML (PW) [India] 8) CPI-ML (Naxalbari) [India] 9) RCCI (Maoist) [India] 10) RCCI (MLM) [India] 11) CPN (Maoist) [Nepal]