[From The Worker, #1, February 1993.]




The Oppressed Struggling Masses Of Nepal

The Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

According to international press reports, during a protest strike and mass demonstrations on 6 April 1992 called by the Nepal Communist Party (Unity Centre), the Nepali government's riot police opened fire on the crowds in the streets, killing at least 5 people and wounding 50. They then imposed curfew for the following several nights in Kathmandu and its suburbs. The masses were not cowed by such a brutal show of force by the riot police and other government forces in the capital, rather took to the streets in their thousands in the following days to protest this crime. The Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement denounces this barbarous act by the reactionary Nepali government and expresses its firm solidarity with and support for the heroic revolutionary masses of Nepal in their just struggle.

Only two years ago the masses of Nepal rose up in a country wide heroic upsurge against the decades-old oppressive monarchy. The ruling classes established a multiparty parliamentary system under a constitutional monarchy and they acclaimed this a great victory for the masses while nothing changed fundamentally for the oppressed in Nepal. It was this so-called democratic regime, which did not stop short at shooting and killing the masses.

This event once again proves Mao Tse-tung's teaching that "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun". For true liberation, the masses need to take up arms in a revolutionary People’s War - a protracted People’s War along the path charted by Mao.

In its message to the Nepal Communist Party (Mashal) in May 1990, the Committee of RIM emphasized that masses "… must have as its aim the total revolutionary overthrow, of semi-feudal and imperialist exploitation and domination and the building of new democratic Nepal with workers - peasants rule under the leadership of the proletariat, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tse-tung Thought…."

The Committee of RIM strongly feels that the present re-awakening of the masses in Nepal calls for the Maoist revolutionary communists to step up the preparations for launching protracted People’s War, taking the countryside as its main battlefield, based on Maoist strategy and tactics. Only in this way can the blood, sweat and sacrifices of the masses be fulfilled. The advancing People’s War in Peru under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) is providing a glorious, living example of this RIM, along with the proletariat and the revolutionary masses of the world, will stand firmly with the masses of Nepal in their revolutionary struggle ahead.


April 1992.

*    *    *


To Fight for the Security of Life and Liberation
of Com. Gonzalo is Part of the Liberation
Struggle of the Oppressed Masses

[Letter of CPN (Unity Centre) to the Communist
Party of Peru on the capture of Com. Gonzalo]

Through the Committee of the RIM

The Central Committee,
Communist Party of Peru,

Dear Comrades,

The news of the capture of Com. Gonzalo, Chairman of the Communist Party of Peru, who has through his revolutionary thought and deeds in the present day world dominated by imperialism and Right revisionism been able to arouse deep feeling of respect in the hearts of the oppressed masses and communist revolutionaries and to attain the highest status of a source of inspiration, has come as a bitter accident to the people the world over. The Yankee imperialism's puppet, the Fuzimori ruling clique of Peru has proved itself thoroughly despicable and cowardly not only in front of the Peruvian people but the people the world over by capturing Com. Gonzalo and conspiring to murder him on such false accusations as a "murderer", a "terrorist” or a "narco-trafficker". In this context our Party expresses deep hatred and anger against Yankee imperialism and its puppet Fuzimori ruling clique and extends militant solidarity to the PCP and the revolutionary Peruvian people in this tragic hour of the capture of Com. Gonzalo. The people of the world are envisioning the future of their liberation in the Peruvian People’s War, which has been raised to such heights of sacrifices and creativity while grasping the scientific truths of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism by the PCP under the leadership of Com. Gonzalo. To the imperialists and reactionaries dreaming of raising an empire of brutal plunder & murder of the people's the world over, the biggest blow has been provided from their own back-yards by Com. Gonzalo, the PCP and the developing people’s war in Peru. The unparalleled devotion and sacrifice demonstrated by the revolutionaries under the leadership of PCP has also dealt a fatal blow to the Right revisionists degenerated from revolutionary Marxism and the petty-bourgeois trends that advocate pessimism, escapism and cowardice, when terrified by the imperialist attacks.

Grasping the fundamental principles of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, our Party, the CPN (Unity Centre), is set on the preparations for protracted People’s War based on the strategy of encircling the city from the countryside to accomplish the New Democratic revolution for effectuating changes in the semi-feudal & semi-colonial condition of Nepal. In this context it is self-evident that the experiences of the PCP have been and will remain specially significant for us. We believe that today the best way for one Communist Party and the people to extend help to another Communist Party and the people is to develop revolution in one's own country. The PCP has set a fine example of proletarian internationalism by stating that one of the important aims of developing People’s War (in Peru) has been to ‘serve world revolution.’

In the end, our Party has been doing the best to mobilize the masses for the defense and liberation of Com. Gonzalo. Our endeavor to make it more effective and extensive it still on. We are confident that no power in the world would be able to suppress the PCP trained in Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and the firm, revolutionary thoughts of Com. Gonzalo and to prevent the victory of People’s War successfully marching ahead with arms for the last 12 years. By converting adversity into hatred towards the enemy, the revolutionary Peruvian people under the leadership of the PCP would continue resolutely on the great march forward to world revolution. For this, the CPN (Unity Centre) once again extends militant solidarity to the PCP.

With revolutionary greetings,

General Secretary                 
Communist Party of Nepal (Unity Centre)

September 23, 1992

*    *    *


Chairman Gonzalo's Speech from the Prison

(This English translation of Chairman Gonzalo's speech from prison on September 24, 1992 is taken from the version signed by the PCP Lima Base and only recently received: it is more complete and accurate than printed in the journal, A World to Win)

Comrades of the Communist Party of Peru!
Fighters of the People's Guerrilla Army!
People of Peru!

We are living through historic events, each one of us knows this to be the case. Let us not deceive ourselves. At this moment we must ready all our forces in order to face the difficulties and to continue accomplishing our tasks! To win new victories and finally triumph! This must be done.

We are the sons and daughters of the people and we are fighting in these trenches, this is also combat, and we do this because we are communist! Because here we defend the people's interest, the principles of the Party, and the People’s War! That is what we have been doing, what we are doing, what we will continue to do!

We are here in these circumstances. Some think that this is a great defeat. They are dreaming! We say let them dream on. This is merely a bend in the road. Nothing more! A bend along the road. The road is long and we will travel it to the end. We will reach our goal and we will win! You will see it! You will see it!!

We must continue with the tasks laid down in the Third Plenary Session of the Central Committee, a glorious event! Let it be known, these resolutions are already being carried out. We will continue to apply the Fourth Plan for Strategic Development of the People’s War for the Seizure of Power. We will continue to develop the Sixth Military Plan to Build Toward the Seizure of Power. That will continue! That is our task! We will carry it out because of who we are! Because of our responsibility to the proletariat and the people!

We clearly state that today, the democratic road has begun to unfold as a road to liberation, as a road to people's liberation. These are the circumstances in which we are developing. We should examine this with a sense of history. Let us stop closing our eyes. Let us look at the truth. Let us look at the history of Peru. Let us look at last three centuries in Peru. This is what we should examine, the 18th century, the 19th century, the 20th century, and understand their lessons! Whoever does not understand this history will remain blind. And this blindness cannot serve the country, cannot serve Peru!

We see that the 18th century offers a very clear lesson. Let's examine this. There was one dominator, it was Spain and that domination sucked our lifeblood. Where did it lead us? To an extremely deep crisis. As a consequence, Peru was divided up. From this came the origins of today's Bolivia. This is not our invention, this is history.

Then, in the last century: British domination. Where did their contention with France lead us? To another great crisis, the 70s of the last century. The result? War with Chile. Let us not forget this! What happened? We lost territory. Our country suffered a great split, in spite of the blood spilled b the heroes and the people. We must draw a lesson!

The 20th century. How are we faring? In this 20th century there is an imperialism dominating us, principally U.S. imperialism. This is something real and everyone knows it. Where has this led us? Except for 20's, here and now is the worst crisis of the entire history of the Peruvian people. Taking a lesson from the past centuries, what are we to sum up? Once again the nation is in danger, once again the republic is in danger, once again the territory is in danger, it could easily be lost to foreign interest. This is the situation. They have brought us to this point. But we have a new reality, a Peruvian revolution, a People’s War, it continues and must understand well. It is a Strategic Equilibration that is being consolidated in a very critical situation. Twelve years (of People’s War -ed.) has demonstrated what? It has clearly shown the world, and especially to the Peruvian people, that the Peruvian state, the old Peruvian state, is a paper tiger. It is rotten to the core. This is what has been demonstrated!

This being the case, we should think about the danger that the nation, the country, may be divided. The nation is at risk, they want to tear it to pieces, and they want to divide it up. Who wants to do this? Like always, imperialism, those who exploit, and those who dominate. What should we do? What is correct today? It is time to make a leap in strengthening the People's Liberation Movement and we must develop this while directing the People’s War. Because the people, it has always been the people, who have defended the country, who have defended the nation.

The time to set up the People's Liberation Front has arrived. It is time to constitute and develop a People's Liberation Army starting from the People's Guerrilla Army. This is what is correct today! We will do this! It is what we are doing now! It is what we are going to follow through on! You, sirs shall be witness.

Finally, listen to this. We see worldwide Maoism is marching relentlessly forward in its task of leading the new wave of the world proletarian revolution. Listen well and understand. Those who have ears, use them. Those who have understanding, and we all have it, use it well. Enough nonsense! Enough confusion! Understand this! What is happening in the world? What do we need? We need Maoism to be a living force, and this is happening. We need Maoism to generate new Communist Parties to direct this next great wave of world proletarian revolution that is upon us.

All that they told us, their empty and stubbornly ignorant chattering about the famous "new stage of peace" - where has this ended up? What about Yugoslavia? What about other places? It all was politicized, it was a lie. Today there is only one reality. The same contending powers, behind the First and Second World Wars are now preparing the Third World War. This we should know, and we as the son and daughters of an oppressed country are part of the loot. We cannot let this happen! Enough of this imperialist exploitation! We should finish them off! We are part of the Third World, and the Third World is the base for world proletarian revolution, with one condition: that the communist parties develop and direct it. This is what we must do!

Here is what we think: next year will be the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao. We must celebrate the centenary! And we are organizing this with the Communist Parties. We want a new kind of celebration, a celebration that recognizes the conscious understanding of the importance of Chairman Mao in the world revolution. We will start the celebration this year and it will culminate next year. It will be a great program of celebration. I want to take this opportunity to salute the international proletariat, the oppressed nations of world, and the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

Long Live the Communist Party of Peru!
The People’s War Will Inevitably be Victorious!
We Salute the Future Birth of the People's Republic of Peru!
We say: Glory to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!
Finally we say: Honour and Glory to the People of Peru!!

Headquarters of the Anti-terrorist Police of Peru.

*    *    *

In the fight for complete liberation the oppressed people rely first of all on their own struggle and then and, only then, on international assistance. The people who have triumphed in their own revolution should help those [who] still struggle for liberation. This is our internationalist duty.

-Mao Tse-tung (1963)