Zhao Xia [Morning Glow] Magazine

A Chinese language magazine of literature and criticism published in Shanghai (1974-1976)


      [Introduction in Chinese to be added.]

      Zhao Xia [Morning Glow] was a magazine in Chinese devoted to literature and criticism from a revolutionary perspective. It was published in Shanghai during the late period of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. Our information is that Jiang Qing played a role in establishing this magazine. Its initial name was the Shanghai Arts and Literature Review but was then changed to Morning Glow. We believe it began publishing in January 1974 or shortly before, and apparently the last issue was either in September or October of 1976. Thus it seems that it was immediately suppressed by the capitalist roaders after their reactionary coup d’état following Mao’s death.

      Some of the issues have paper somewhat darkened by age, and a few have some underlining. Our apologies! We believe all the scanned text is quite legible.

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