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A journal of the Communist Party of China in Shanghai (1973-1976)


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《学习与批判》是一份哲学社会科学的综合性杂志。出版这份杂志,是想借此与广大工农兵、革命干部和革命知识分子一起,学习马克思列宁主义,学习毛泽东思想, 学习和总结我国社会主义革命和社会主义建设约丰富经验,在马克思列宁主义、毛泽东思想的指导下,批判修正主义,批判资产阶级,为;主动哲学社会科学的发展, 深入上层建筑其中包括各个文化领域的社会主义革命,巩固无产阶级专政,贡献一份力量。


这一期,我们开辟了一个关于儒法论争的专栏,发表了三篇文章。儒法论争的问题,是关系到意识形态领域社会主义革命的大事,是关系到巩固无产阶级专政, 防止资本主义复辟的大事。这个问题,不可不辩论清楚;这个讨论,本刊还将继续深入下去。

本刊贯彻执行“百家争鸣”的方针,提倡学术上不同意见的讨论。我们热切地希望得到广大工农兵、革命干部和革命知识分子的支持,积极来信未稿, 并对工作中的缺点及时提出批评。让我们在十大路线的指引下,共同努力,把这份杂志办好。

编者 (1973年10月)

      Study and Criticism (Xuexi Yu Pipan), an example of the Socialist New Things that developed in revolutionary China, was published in Shanghai and distributed nationally from September 1973 and stopped publication in October 1976, after Mao’s death and the rightist coup which followed.

      [Translation of a Note in the First Issue of the Publication in 1973:]

Dear Reader:

Study and Criticism is a combined philosophical and social science magazine. The publication of this magazine is done with the objective of uniting with the broad masses of workers, peasants, and soldiers, with revolutionary cadre, and with revolutionary intellectuals, to study Marxism-Leninism, to study Mao Zedong Thought, as well as to study the overall experience of socialist revolution and socialist construction in our country. It is done with the objective of—through the guidance of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought—making a making a contribution in criticizing revisionism and criticizing the bourgeoisie. It is done with the objective of advancing the development of the philosophy of social sciences, and in deepening the socialist revolution in various cultural areas within the superstructure. It is done with the objective of consolidating the dictatorship of the proletariat.

The party’s 10th congress approved several documents which are the battle plans for the entire party, entire army, for the entire people of the country. In order to study these documents well, from today onward we will continuously publish essays related to their study.

In this edition, we have commenced a special section on the struggle between the Confucian and the Legalist Schools, and have published three essays on the subject. The question of the struggle between the Confucian and Legalist Schools relates to the important matter of intellectual orientation in the socialist revolution. It relates to important matters of the consolidation of the proletarian dictatorship, and the prevention of capitalist restoration. This question must be clearly debated. This publication will continue to deepen the discussion of this topic in the future.

This publication thoroughly will practice the approach of “creating interest among all the people” and will promote discussion by sharing different academic opinions. We especially hope to earn the support of the broad masses of workers, peasants, and soldiers, revolutionary cadres and revolutionary intellectuals, and to receive enthusiastic letters and submissions, and to receive criticisms of shortcomings in the course of our work. Let us under the guidance of the line of the tenth congress work and strive together, and make this magazine a success.

(From the Editor)

      We have all of the 38 issues of Study and Criticism that were published. Some of the scans are from bound volumes, and in some cases the paper in the journal has darkened over time. However the scans are generally of good quality, and should mostly be quite legible.

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